ArcelorMittal Liberia Community Scholarship Program

MONROVIA- Nov 2-Following a rigorous vetting process, forty-six (46) students from Nimba, Bong, and Grand Bassa Counties have been awarded fully paid scholarship opportunities by the management of ArcelorMittal Liberia under the company’s Community Scholarship Program launched in June 2022.

Thirty percent (30%) of the scholarship recipients are females, while a total of forty-two are in public colleges and universities and four are in high school. They include eleven (11) from Grand Bassa County, nineteen (19) from Bong, and sixteen (16) from Nimba.

Below is the list of successful applicants:

No.Application IDApplicant Name (Last, Middle Initial, First)
 2022-59Gboyah, Ellen M.
 2022-02Reeves, Armstrong M.
 2022-03Togbazee, Clarence S.
 2022-05Peters, Fallah
 2022-06Saypan, Gabriel S.
 2022-07Henry, Gabriel W.
 2022-08Otto, George
 2022-09Diallo, Jenibu D.
 2022-10Konneh, Jemima J. Weah
 2022-11Bryant, Praise G
 2022-12Wada, Rufus
 2022-13Nuah, Andrew T.
 2022-16Giwlay, Comfort G.
 2022-17Mars, Compay E.
 2022-18Goryah, Daniel
 2022-19Tuakolon, Deborah
 2022-20Gekeh, Evelyn T.
 2022-21Cammue, Isaac N.
 2022-22Jumane, Jackson
 2022-24Baar, Josephus N.
 2022-25Taylor Jr.,Jultomue A. B.
 2022-26Kollie, Leemue
 2022-28Sayeh, Lawrence
 2022-31Mbarninkollie, Josephine
 2022-33Sumo Dolo, Moses
 2022-36Gaye, Oliver L
 2022-37Joe, Oretha
 2022-38Too, Salmon
 2022-40Jallah, Steve
 2022-41Wilson, Theodocia
 2022-43Gonwoe, Abraham V.
 2022-44Lah, Alfred
 2022-45Suah, Arthurline
 2022-46Gongartee, Charleston
 2022-47Kehn, Cytarious Y. G.
 2022-49Gonlegay, Eliza
 2022-50Kelly Jr., Fahna
 2022-51Wanawon, George
 2022-52Markar, Judy N.
 2022-53Sayetor, Marcus W.
 2022-54Klee, Otis W.
 2022-55Gonkar, Tenwah Mark
 2022-56Bokay Jr., William
 2022-60Tiah, Princess
 2022-61Lablah, Whenetta M.
 2022-62Dinyeah, Zeopoe D.
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