SOS Calls for Accident Survivor

…Wants Government and Humanitarians for Him to Seek Advanced Medical Treatment

By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-A Liberian refugee (Amara Amadu) from Ghana has sent out an SOS call to the government of Liberia and humanitarians to seek advanced medical treatment abroad after falling victim to a hit-and-run motor accident situation in Monrovia.

The accident survivor noted that he was rushed at the J.F.K. Hospital after he was involved in the accident.

“With the sad incident that has happened, the doctor at J.F.K. announced that I need to go through a quick surgery on my leg,” he stressed.

He noted, that “one month was pronounced by the doctor to return with two units of blood for the surgery”.

The accident survivor disclosed that after one month, he returned to J.F.K. to undergo the surgery as prescribed by the doctor.

He narrated that while in that process, the medical doctor told him that he needed to deposit two pounds of blood.

“And by the grace of God, I was able to bring the two pounds of blood prescribed by the doctor through the help of my daughter,” he recounted.

He disclosed that the doctor took him in the theater to undergo the surgery as requested.

The survivor of the hit and run noted that during the surgical process with the doctor at J.F.K., they noticed that there was a complication during the surgery with him.

The Liberian refugee mentioned that during the surgical process, the doctor observed that the blood that was donated by his daughter has ran out of his body.

“I was slowly going to the great beyond,” he disclosed. The accident survivor furthered that during the process of the surgical complication, a lady that was at JFK hospital had a revelation about what was happening to him.

“Do you not think that this man needs blood,” she worried.

“With tears in her eyes, she ran outside the theater to get blood for the surgical process,” he recounted.

In that process, she brought blood that was not tested by the doctor at JKF hospital to be given immediately.

According to him, the blood that was brought in the lady was deposited in me during the surgical process in the theater.

“Up to today’s date, I’m going through devastating illnesses because of the blood that has been deposited in my body,” he complained.

Amadu furthered that the iron that was inserted in him from J.F.K. had been broken in his body.

“I have pleaded with J.K.F. Management to remove the broken iron from my leg but up to now nothing has been done,” he cried.

He said that his repeated cry for help to remove the iron from his leg had fallen on dead ears.

“I’m still carrying the broken iron in my leg,” he grieved.

“I hope and pray that the government of Liberia and humanitarians can help me seek advanced medical treatment” Amadu wished.

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