LNP Subjects Securities to Questioning

…In Former Chief Justice Home Attack

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-The Liberia National Police as part of its ongoing investigation into the recent attack on the home of Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, Former Chief Justice of the Republic has subjected the security guards to questioning.

These three security guards are said to be in police custody, undergoing investigation as persons of interest in the crime, since they were allegedly on the scene during the commission of the attack.

Providing an update on the latest investigation into the attack, Moses Carter, a police spokesman told journalists Monday, February 27, 2023, that a total of five persons were in the house of the former Justice, four of whom, including the former  Chief Justice, will be subsequently subjected investigation.

“It is hoped that those four, including the former Chief Justice, will accord police investigators the highest corporation,” Carter.

Carter, at the same time, announced a five thousand United States Dollar prize for anyone who gives the police possible clues leading to the arrest of the perpetrator of the attack on the Justice’s Home.

He promised that the police will treat the information and personal identity with a high level of confidentiality.

It can be recalled, on February 11, 2023, Zone Six Deport one was alerted of an alleged burglary on the home of the former Chief Justice. Interviews were conducted with the Justice and others in the space at the time of the incident. A risk assessment was also carried out at which time it was recommended by the police for the former Chief Justice to hire the service of a security guard.

Based on the recommendation, the Services of Genesis Security Service were hired.

Again on February 23, 2023, between 9 pm to 10 pm, there was another attack on the Justice’s Home, upon police arrival, community dwellers responded to the scene to ensure the safety and protection of the justice and her family.

The alleged perpetrator as described by Justice Scott could not be seen and one of the daughters of the former Chief Justice who was stabbed was pronounced dead by Health Authorities at the Redemption hospital with three others under medical treatment.

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