…….how Indian company, MOE ‘Screwed’ World Bank

MONROVIA-This paper has further gathered that Planet P.C. Liberia Inc,  the Indian company that ‘won’ the bid to supply Stationery materials for the smart Classroom learning project, was actually established in July this year.

It was also disclosed that the bid was put out in June. Sources at the Ministry confirmed it.

Planet PC Liberia, Inc provided questionable business registration documents to the procurement team. For instance, in the Article of Incorporation, it said; “in witness thereof, we the undersigned have made, subscribed and acknowledged this instrument this 3rd day of  2022, A.D. 2021.” (please read the full documents ):

A copy of Planet P.C. Liberia business registration document.

Planet P.C. Liberia in a communication to this paper urged it to get a copy from the Liberia Business Registry.

The smart Classroom project is part of support by the bank to the Universities of Liberia and Tubman.

Planet P.C. Liberia, Inc which is headed by  Anita Nambiar, the wife of   Cross Words  CEO, Sachin Nambiar, submitted the bid because her husband has been banned by the World Bank for carrying out fraudulent activities in previous bid.

Anita  Nambiar has  100 percent shares in PC planet Liberia.

These documents were not vetted properly by the team and a  Consultant, Carl Smith was hired by the World Bank from Mwantana, a private company to serve as an eye.

The  Ministry of Education is headed by Professor Ansu Soni who is yet to make any official comment. Sources at the Ministry told this paper that due to the magnitude of the case, the bank has instituted an investigation. A top source from the World Bank  Washington DC  office, also confirmed that they were very concerned about such a report and would effect an investigation into it.

But planet P.C.  Liberia told this paper that  Anita Nambair resigned from her position a long time ago. However, the company failed to state when she resigned.

In some of its WhatsApp messages from Planet  P.C. Liberia Inc, to this paper on October 4, 2022 at 5:02 pm said; “ I have received some messages that you sent.  Let us clarify that we have all documents to prove that SK wife is not the owner of this business.  She left this company a long time ago.  You can verify it with Liberia Business Registry too.” The sender of the message did not disclose his identity when asked to do so.

 But from these documents submitted, Anita still remains the head; which brings the credibility of Planet P.C. Libeia, Inc into question.

More revelations to come.

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