MONROVIA-What looks like bad blood is now set ing between clients and lawyer for non-performance to the satisfaction of the clients and have taken flight to the Supreme Court for redress.

Cllr. Benedict Sannoh has come under criticism for not doing the work he promised to perform for the people of three clans in Grand Cape Mount County. Laar, Darblo, and Manna clans, in the Goa Konneh district.

The Spokesman of the area, Mr. Mohammed Daramei said the action of Cllr. Benedict Sannoh has deprived the people of the district benefits which they could accrue from the Community Development Fund loss to US$2M. A few years ago, BMMC and the three clans entered into an agreement to provide special funds for maintenance, construction, school, and other services.

While seeking to secure the funds, Mr. Daramei said, Cllr. Sannoh appeared on the scene after he was recommended by Senator Simeon Taylor to provide legal services.  He appeared in three meetings to listen to the discussions. Thereafter, Cllr. Sannoh requested that they do a retainer agreement without telling them the details of it.

But to their surprise, US$90,000 was taken from the account and given to him from the initial amount of US$450.000 earlier provided by the company.   The citizens have not carried out any project for which the money was given.  To their surprise, Cllr. Sannoh is demanding US$25,000 as legal fees. “The man only attended three meetings at the place. When we went to the Ministry of Labor,  where he should have spoken for us, he said nothing rather the team leaders and respective representatives defended themselves.

So, they were compelled to run to the Supreme Court for redress, especially for less part of the money to be refunded.

Their complainant against their lawyer said;  “that by taking 20%,$US90, 000,00  from an initial amount of USD450.00 contributed by Bea Mountain Mining Corporation for construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation of schools and clinics,  Cllr Sannoh has effectively deprived the people of Darblo Clan, Gola Konneh District schools and clinics to the value of said amount.”

Mr. Daramei further informed the public on Tuesday when he appeared on  Liberia Broadcasting  System that the action of Cllr. Sannoh was not in the interest of the people.

With all that, Cllr. Sannoh admitted to getting the money as his legal fees. He has vowed to explain the details of the case on Wednesday at the state-run institution.

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