… Nimba County District 7 Representative Aspirant


BY Melvin Zawolo Doloquee/ Nimba County

SACLAPEA – Nimba County District number seven Representative Aspirant, Deacon William Dahn has called on the electorates in the District not to give the state power to individuals with tainted records.

According to him, giving people to these individuals will create more rooms for them to accelerate corrupt practices, acquire wealth for themselves and pay no serious attention to the welfare of the residents.

“To fight corruption, we need to have a corruption free-leadership where.I am the best person to replace representative Roger S.W.Y.Domah come October 10, 2023, Legislative and Presidential Elections, he added.

The Aspirant indicated that the district will come in public disruption if power is given to these allegedly corrupt individuals.

Decon William Dahn indicated that corruption is a menace that underpins growth and development in any country.

He urged the electorates to reject those so-called politicians who are attempting to use cash to influence votes in their favor.

Decon William Dahn who was honored by several institutions, including churches urged the residents to give power to a God-fearing person.

The man of God who was unable to name those involved in corruption. Addressing reporters following his honoring ceremony, Deacon Dahn disclosed that he is an agriculturalist who is involved in agricultural activities and When elected will help to Impact the agricultural sectors.

He urged the government to invest in the agricultural sectors as the Country depends on the agricultural sectors to develop.

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