Abandoned Children Seek Assistance in M’Land County

By: Emmanuel T.  Quiah

MARYLAND_About five abandoned kids in Pleebo Sodoken Electoral District number two, Maryland County are calling on the public to come to their aid.

They were allegedly abandoned and do not know the whereabouts of their parents in Pleebo Sodoken, District, Maryland County Electoral District number two.

According to reports, these children were allegedly abandoned by their various parents, due to extreme economic hardship.

It has been reported that parents of these abandoned kids have fled to other parts of the Country, including Grand Kru, River Gee, and Sinoe Counties.

Narrating the tragedy, one of the abandoned kids identified as James aged 12, said his father left him with his mother in Pleebo, Maryland County in 2019 in pursuit of greener pasture in the neighboring Ivory Coast.

He indicated that since the departure of his father, it has been difficult for him to continue his education.

James stressed that he currently sells bottles as a means of sustaining himself and using Pleebo general Market hall as shelter during the night.

He also joined his colleagues in the process of searching for bottles to sell before having food to eat.

“We can look for bottles and sell them to the market women who can sell oils before we can get food to get and sometimes, we help wash people’s dishes for food because we don’t know where our parents are and leaving us without showing us any of our relatives, we can sleep on the people market tables in the night time and we don’t have anyone to give us clothes to wear.

We just in the street begging people for survival, no sleeping place, no food, no good clothes to wear, we are not in school and planning to go to school but no way”, they explained.

Among the group, two there from the same parents, and according to them, their parents left them in 2019 and don’t know their location, while the rest of the others are from different parents.

They call on meaningful organizations, humanitarian, government officials, and other meaningful contributors to come to their aid.

They both live in Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County.

Out-of-school children are on the high increase in Maryland County, most especially Pleebo Sodoken District, and at the same time increasing the crime rate across the County due to the hard unemployment of young people in the district and County at large. The abandonment of the children in the district is yet to be determined.

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