By: Reuben Bier

Buchanan, Grand Bassa County – The Liberia National Police Bassa Detachment has arrested 31-year-old man identified as Augustine Fayiah in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County for an attempt to commit suicide.

Augustine Fayiah was arrested  Friday night, February 10, 2022,, at his Watco Camp Community outside Buchanan after a tip-up information.

Residents of the Community had earlier informed the LNP about the act Augustine was anticipating doing.

Speaking to our Grand Bassa County Correspondent, 31-year-old Augustine Fayiah aattempted to take away his life due to what he described as untold suffering and lack of employment opportunities.

According to him, after many years out of high and earning a driver’s certificate, he would not raise money to further his education.

Augustine mentioned that he obtained his high school education ffrom St. Joseph High School located in Electoral District  # 4, Grand Bassa County, and a driving certificate from the LOIC in Buchanan.

LOIC is Liberia Opportunity Industrialization Corporation, (LOIC)  a vocational institution in Buchanan that offers several vocational programs and has graduated and sent out many Liberians most especially young people on the job market something Augustine said he has not succeeded in since his graduation.

Young Liberia stressed that he has sent his applications to several institutions for jobs to no avail.

The situation Augustine said appeared to him as frustrating and left him with no option but rather to kill him.

“I want to kill myself so that I can go rest once and for all because I think the world has forgotten. Everywhere that I applied for the job, I am denied with all the qualifications I posse.” Fayiah further narrated to our Bassa Correspondent.”

Meanwhile, 31-year-old Augustine who is currently in the custody of the Liberia National Police, is seeking the intervention of the local authorities in Grand Bassa County as well as the National Government and humanitarians to help get him a job.

However, committing suicide has been the attitude of many citizens across Liberia and Grand Bassa County is no exception. It has always been centered around frustration and other issues.

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