By Mark N. Mengonfia -mmenginfia@gmail.com

MONROVIA-Ahead of October 10, 2023’s  Legislative and Presidential  Elections,  support for the reelection bid of President George M. Weah continues to swell momentously.

As part of efforts to lend credence to Weah’s reelection, about two additional groups have pledged to ensure that Mr. Weah gets reelected as the President of Liberia.

The Groups under the banner,” Forceful Women for Weah 2023 in collaboration with 4G Movement for Weah 2023 gathered in the EJS Ministerial Complex in Congo Town on Sunday to make public their intention to support the re-election of President Weah.

The Theater of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex was packed to capacity to the point that there were no seats left to accommodate others who could not make their way into the hall.

“This election, Forceful Women stand by you, President Weah” Old laser Massa Fofana, head of the Forceful Women for Weah 2023 said as the whole hall went wide in jubilation.

According to her, the group predominantly business women will stand by the President to ensure that his mandate to be President of Liberia is renewed by October of this year.

The women outlined the achievements of the President over the period he has served the people of Liberia for.

Some of the reasons the group of women pledged their support to the re-election bid of the President were: the building of playgrounds for kids, free tuition, creation of space for business transactions, manageable bank loans, electricity expansion, peace and stability, human rights and rule of law, women’s empowerment among others.

“Mr. President, you have achieved these and many more and because of these, we join you and your train to ensure that you are reelected as President of Liberia,” Mariama D. Keita, the lady who read the endorsement statement said as she went on reading the statement.

She said, “ Your leave us, it is Weah we want, leave us it is a development we want, leave us, it is 12 years we want.”

Makenneh Keita “ For me to see our women come out today, I am very happy”

The women invited Guest Artists from the Republic of Mali who performed during the event.

President George Weah, Minsters Samuel Tweah, Maxwell Kemayah, Gender and Development Minister CDC Chairperson, Mulbah Morlu, and others danced to the tone of some Mandingo music.

Before and after accepting the endorsement from the groups, President Weah was seen making moves to the beats of the songs, shaking, going up and down as the hall went wild as it was to the disbelief of the gathering to have seen their President dance as though he was still in his teens.

The Liberian Leader, in his acceptance statement, said that he was delighted, humbled, and honored, by the kind of sentiments and solidarity from the women.

He said that he was particularly grateful to receive the endorsement from the Forceful Women organization, its members, supporters, partners, and friends, in collaboration with the 4-B Movement.

“I am also delighted to see the enthusiasm of the Liberian Fan Club of Biguini, the great Mande Artiste from Mali, who has performed so beautifully for our entertainment tonight,” President Weah said.

The Liberian President during the event made it clear that his presence at the EJS Ministerial Complex to receive the endorsement was not part of campaigning for elections.

“This declaration of my intent is only to signal to the partisans of the mighty Coalition for Democratic Change my desire to be re-elected as their Standard Bearer at the forthcoming Convention of the Party” he said.

Additionally, President Weah said, “Whenever this is done, we wish to assure all stakeholders that we will be in strict compliance with the regulations governing campaign activities, as issued by the National Elections Commission.”

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