‘We Owe No Apologies For The Judiciary Being Corrupt’

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-As allegations of corruption within the judiciary take a center stage in Liberia, Montserrado Criminal Court Judges say they have no apologies for those who claim that the judiciary is corrupt.

According to the Judges, to determine that a judge has been bribed, there should be a giver of such a bribe.

They have called on the public and party litigants to stop casting negative perceptions on their works in the country.

Delivering the formal charges on behalf of the Criminal Circuit Courts (A, B,C, D, E) of Montserrdo County, Judge Ceaineh Clinton Johnson says “If you believe in the rule of law, you will know that, as judges, our unbiased opinion, our mature judgment, our enlightened conscience will not and should not be sacrificed for anyone. So don’t ask us to do it.”

She stresses the need to respect judges and protect them in accordance with all their rights and privileges if they must do the same for the public.

Similarly, Judge Johnson challenge her fellow judges to examine themselves noting “To start the process of self-examination, we must first believe in the rule of law under the due process of law.”

“When lawyers stand firm in the pursuit of clients, they gave performed their charge. She continues “We must always remember that no matter how people feel about the judgment of the court, once in compliance with the law, we have done our duty and our charge has been fulfilled.”

She further “My esteemed colleagues and I pledge ourselves to hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly and to decide our cases impartially and truthfully and courageously, allowing no outside influences.”

Judge Johnson holds the Supreme Court will not also aid us in the performance of duties under the virtues of impartiality thoroughness and decisiveness at the same time owning to itself the right and power of judicial review, when and if by error and or omission, we judges apply the law wrongfully.

“We pray to be left alone from outside influences to impartially perform our duties. We pray that lawyers will not go to the Supreme Court as a means of baffling justice.”

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