PUL Celebrates World Radio Day

MONROVIA-On the occasion of World Radio Day, the Press Union of Liberia, (PUL) has called on broadcasters to focus their activities on the strengthening of peace ahead of the conduct of the 2023  Legislative & Presidential Elections.

According to a PUL release, radio has contributed to cementing peace in Liberia, after the bloody civil war of two decades ago.

The United Nations peacekeeping force the Union stated used radio to disarm the warring fraction in the conflict.

The PUL’s release asserts that radio influence has grown throughout the country to the extent that politicians see it as a medium through which influence is peddled to their advantage.   Today, radio has spread all over Liberia owned by the government, religious groupings, private individuals, and entities. Of this number, community radios are an important portion, Union disclosed.

World Radio Day is being celebrated under the international theme “Radio and Peace”. Locally, the Press Union of Liberia is celebrating under the theme “Celebrating Radio to Sustain Peace ahead of the 2023 Elections”.

Meanwhile, the Press Union of Liberia is urging talk shows across Liberia to kindly host a panel to discuss the contribution of radio to humanity and the role radio can play in sustaining peace during and after elections. Reporters working with radio stations are also required to do broadcast pieces on the role radio can play in maintaining peace during and after elections in Liberia.

On World Radio Day 2023, the Press Union of Liberia salutes radio contribution to peace during and after elections in Liberia as an important civic duty to the country and its people.

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