Superintendent Walker Underscores United Bong Ahead of 2023 Elections

GBARNGA-The Superintendent of Bong County, Ester Walker,  has underscored the need for a united Bong County, ahead of the 2023 Legislative and Presidential Elections in Liberia.

The Bong County Superintendent said if the Citizens are united, the County stands to benefit from huge development.

According to her, for too long, the Citizens of the County have been divided on a political line, which she believes has negatively contributed to the underdevelopment of the County.

The  Bong County Superintendent said it is now time that the Citizens put aside their political differences and work together in the best interest of the County and Liberia at large.

She further pointed accusing fingers to some past and current leaders for the division in the county.

However, Madam Walker did not name any of the accused past and current leaders who are contributing to the division in Bong County.

Superintendent Walker described the fragmentation in Bong County as grave something that is not healthy for the development of the County.

“I hope we as citizens and county can put aside our differences and work together for the common good of Bong County,” Sup. Walker noted.

Meanwhile, the Bong County Superintendent revealed that she has two hundred thousand (200,000USD) United States Dollars from the Government of Liberia for developmental purposes.

She mentioned that the fund will be used to complete some of the incomplete projects in the County.

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