By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-Civil society actors in Liberia are calling for the immediate dismissal of Atty. Mohammad Fahbulleh, one of the Commissioners at the Independent National Human Rights Commission (INHRC) for allegedly sexually harassing a female employee of the institution.

These civil society actors’ calls come a day after Criminal Court “B” declined to look into Atty. Fahbulleh’s petitioned for judicial revision to overturn the finding from the committee of CSOs relative to the allegation against him.

The court on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, said it cannot honor the petition for judicial review as prayed for by Commissioner Atty. Fahbulleh especially so that the administrative remedies apportioned to him have not been exhausted.

The commissioner was sent back to make use of the internal remedies before seeking external redress.

It can be recalled that an independent committee comprised of CSOs was set up by the INHRC to investigate the circumstances of the alleged sexual harassment against one of its commissioners and come up with findings.

Following the committee’s investigation, findings and recommendations were submitted to the INRHC to act upon.

In the process, the accused dragged the committee before Criminal court “B” on judicial review, something the CSOs see as a serious attack on the CSO Community.

The committee through its Chair, Cllr. Margaret M. Nigba said commissioners of the INHRC need training so that they understand the code of conduct.

She stressed the need for the victim not to be left alone, thus calling on external force to go in and provide Scio-social counseling and a safe space for the victim.

Nigba who is also the Executive Director for her voice Liberia is calling on President George M. Weah to do a full-scale investigation of the institution alleging that there is a serious crisis among the commissioners.

“There is a serious crisis at the commission that needs to be settled because people cannot carry their matter there when the commissioners are in total confusion,” she said.

Similarly, Loretta A. Pope Kai, Chairperson of, the Independent National Human Rights Commission said President Weah needs to do a deep investigation of the people he nominates thus calling on President Weah to dismiss Commissioner Fahbulleh with immediate effect as he is unfit to occupy such an integrity position.

“The lady is going through a lot of trauma, the girl needs help as her human rights have been abused. He has no expertise to serve as one of the commissioners to such integrity institutions,” Pope Kai emphasized

“You cannot have someone who suppresses a staff on a female law and maintain them in the employ of the entity, so the President needs to do the needful thing,” Lawrence Yealue of Accountability Lab Liberia added.

According to him, Atty. Fahbulleh has risen a campaign against himself and they are going to ensure they pressure the President to do the needful thing.

“A female is down and if the President claimed to be a feminist-in-chief, and does nothing, we will campaign against his Presidential bid. People should not use their education to suppress others,” Atty. Fahbulleh threatened.

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