Pres. Weah has Short Memory Span

…. MDR describe president Weah comments


MONROVIA-The Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) has questioned the memory span of the president, saying he has a short memory span.

A statement issued late Monday said the “MDR notes with serious concern denigrating comments made by President George M. Weah at his Forkyklon Jlaleh Family Fellowship on Sunday, February 5, 2023.”

“While delivering his regular Sunday sermon at his Forkyklon Church, President Weah took on the pulpit and referred to our Governing Council Chairman, Sen. Prince Y.  Johnson, as a Killer and Blackmailer.

“It is only today that President Weah has to know that Sen. Prince Y. Johnson is a “Killer, Blackmailer, Beggar and Crook”. The comments from President Weah have gone a long way in proving that the president has a short memory span as it was because of Sen. Johnson’s support for “Pastor” Weah and his CDC that landed Sen. Johnson on the sanction list of the United States,” the statement said.

“The MDR refutes this categorization of Senator Johnson in the strongest of terms. The Party hereby uses this medium to remind President Weah that in 2017, Senator Prince Y. Johnson genuinely supported him through the MDR during the runoff election. During this time, the now self-proclaimed Pastor Weah did not know that Sen. Johnson was a killer and a Blackmailer.

The statement said, as a Party, they would’ve thought that President Weah should have launched an immediate investigation into the alleged assassination of the life of our Political Godfather & Founder Nimba County Sen. Prince Y. Johnson.

Senator Johnson addresses citizens of Nimba County last year in Sanniquellie as president Weah looks on

“Over the years, many have described President Weah as a peaceful person and one who would conduct the affairs of the country inclusively. However, the President’s actions, deeds, and manner of conducting the affairs of the country prove that Mr. Weah is far from being the person he is touted to be by many. During his Sunday sermon, President Weah threatened to dismiss all government officials appointed from the MDR. The MDR is not surprised by said comments as Mr. Weah has proved to be a very vindictive person,”  the statement signed by Kelvin D. J. Mattaldi, vice-Chair for Press & Publicity.

president Weah and Senator Johnson in close discussions in Nimba last year

“We would like to remind President Weah and his corps of advisors that the MDR Governing Council Chairman and Nimba County Godfather, Sen. Prince Y. Johnson is a revolutionary leader who has been consistent in his advocacies for his people. The Liberian President should also know that Sen. Johnson’s participation in the Liberian Civil War was a result of the extreme marginalization, killing, and intimidation of Nimbaians all over this country. More than that, Sen. Johnson as a revolutionary felt the urge to participate in the liberation of Liberia from the hands of a government that has instituted extrajudicial killings, corruption, nepotism and other vices that brought our country to its knees.

“With absolutely no doubt, the above vices necessitated the 14 years of the civil war a little over three (3) decades ago. Interestingly, these vices have permeated every fabric of Weah’s government. Hence, the shifting of blames being attempted by President Weah is simply because Sen. Prince Johnson has become even more vocal on issues affecting the country and Nimba County.”

Entry of president Weah along with Senator Johnson in Saclapea, NImba County last year

“In view of the foregoing, the MDR strongly condemns the ungodly comments made by President Weah on the pulpit at his church. However, the MDR as a party anticipated such comments from President Weah because the party has decided that can no longer support the reelection bid of the footballing president,” it ended.

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