Consolidating the Peace

…Weah Pledges Government’s Support

MONROVIA-It has been over a decade since the country’s cherished peace has not been disrupted.

The Leadership of President George M. Weah, at its inception into power, in 2018, after a peaceful transition from former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, was greeted with doom prophecies that he was inept to provide the necessary safeguard that would keep the country on the safe trajectory.

But almost six years down the line, it appears that these doom prophecies have become far-fetched. The Country since then, has never witnessed any blood bath.

Delivering the 6th State of the Nation Address, (SONA) on Monday, January 30, 2023, the Liberian Leader, President George M. Weah mentioned that the government looks forward to consolidating peace, enhancing stability, and undertaking the necessary reforms that will address the culture of impunity and to foster national reconciliation, and social cohesion.

President Weah mentioned that he continues to preach about the virtues of peace from different high platforms across the country.

The Liberian Leader indicated that as an extension of his well-known career in peace advocacy, which began long before ascending to the Presidency, he has served as Peace Ambassador with the International Community, the United Nations.

President Weah indicated that in the further manifestation of his passion for peace, his predecessor, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appointed him as Peace Ambassador while in opposition.

“I preach peace because I realized a long time ago that there is, and can never be, a victor in a civil war. “When brothers kill sisters and sisters kill brothers; when parents kill their children and children kill their parents; “when friends kill each other; and citizens with a common patrimony turn violently on each other; no one wins. Instead, everyone loses, either directly, or indirectly. “There is not one single Liberian family that did not
lose a relative or friend to this terrible fratricidal war that was senseless and brutally uncivil, almost demonic” he added.

The President of Liberia noted that to ensure that the country never returns to its dark days, peace should be given a chance to create the space in which the government can begin the dialogue that will resolve differences.
“We must hold the conversations to discuss how we can maintain our peace in a sustainable manner, so as to be able to develop our country.

“I have observed that it is mostly young people who are the ones that are used to agitating. These young people have had little or no experience of war. We have now
enjoyed 20 years of unbroken peace, and it can readily be seen that young people, who are coming of voting age for the first time since turning 18 years old, have had no
experience of war

They are quickly and easily manipulated to do harm and instill violence” President Weah indicated.

The Liberian Leader mentioned that the youths needed to be guided and inspired to reject violence and conflict.

He recalled that during the rice riot of April 12, 1979, he felt the pain to have seen violence and destruction on a massive scale.

President Weah called on political leaders to desist from using the people to seek their self political interests.

“No political leader should ever put the life of a single young person at risk in order to assume political office
“Without peace, our world will be difficult. With peace, we can find the collective wisdom and consensus to become the best that we can be as a Nation and as a People” he added.

The Liberian Leader stressed that the government has undeniably managed to preserve the peace of the Nation, which has become the ultimate goal of all of the country’s undertakings.
He pointed out that in spite of the negative impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the downturn in the world’s economy, Liberia continues to make giant strides in the attainment of major development objectives.

President Weah noted that the government has endeavored to mitigate the exogenous shocks the country faces.

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