-Labour Ministry Uncovers

By: Moses M.  Tokpah

Yekepa-The Ministry of Labor has uncovered the employment of about 310 foreign workers by AFCONS in Yekepa, Nimba County without the required work permits.

AFCONS is a company that has being subcontracted by ArcelorMittal Liberia to carry out operation for the multinational company.

The Deputy Inspector General of the Labor Ministry, Darius K. Weamie said uncovering 310 foreign workers without permits during its full-scale nationwide inspection of concession companies is aimed at ensuring that foreign workers are in compliance with the Labor laws of the country by obtaining their work permits.

Reports of bad labor practices are rift along with foreigners doing jobs that are exclusively entitled to Liberians.

Inspector Weamie announced that this significant discovery highlights the Ministry’s commitment to enforcing labor regulations and ensuring compliance.

The Ministry has however imposed a substantial fine exceeding US$930,000 on the involved parties, he said, and added that the fine imposed on AFCONS and the 310 foreign workers is backed under Regulations 17 Revised 2019 Section 4b.

The management of AFCONS, he added has been mandated to pay a compulsory amount of US$310,000 into government’s revenue immediately to obtain work permits for the foreign workers.

He further said “this decisive action underscores the Ministry’s dedication to maintaining the integrity of Liberia’s labor laws and protecting the interests of both domestic and foreign workers within the country.”

Weamie quoted 45.1as stating “An employer shall not employ a foreign worker unless they possess a current work permits issued by the Ministry/Minister.”

The Deputy Labor Inspector General stated that the enforcement of the Liberian labor laws is crucial for ensuring fair treatment and legal compliance in all employment practices.

“We will continue to uphold these standards to foster a lawful and equitable

working environment in Liberia,” said Weamie.

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