MONROVIA-The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has vowed to lead a government by good examples and higher standards, with honesty and integrity.

He said with the collective, Liberians can recreate a new and stronger country, more democratic, secure, just, peaceful, and prosperous, that will be the envy of other nations.

Cummings said a CPP Government will foster national unity, and give every Liberian the chance to make it, based on their willingness to work hard and obey the laws.

“We will take responsibility for successes and failures and will not blame others for our shortcomings. We will lead by good examples and higher standards and we will demand higher standards from everyone in national leadership,” Cummings said.

The CPP Standard Bearer said he will regularly declare his assets and will demand also of every official to regularly declare their assets. Cummings said, where his government fails, he will honestly admit, noting that “We will always try first to do what we can do for ourselves, before seeking for help from international partners and friends.”

He said Liberians must take charge of their destiny, “We must lead ourselves to where we want to go because nobody will do for us, what we should do for ourselves.”

Cummings added that Liberia needs fixing, and with his more than 40 years of professional life, working, fixing things, and making them better, “we will fix our country and make it better for all Liberians.”

“Yes, the living conditions of people need to be improved. It will take hard work and a bit of time. But I promise you that together, we will improve the living conditions of all Liberians,” the CPP Standard Bearer assured.

Cummings said it is heartbreaking to admit, that Liberia has fallen, and lost its way and place in the comity of nations. He however assured that together, Liberia will rise up, and with renewed faith in our national creed of “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. We will reach for the skies of our dreams.”

He said a CPP Government will restore the lost hopes, in a better, united, more prosperous, and brighter future for all Liberians and the next generation.

Cummings said Liberia is not blessed to be cursed, and its people are not cursed to remain poor, hopeless, and divided.

“Our hopes and dreams may, as yet, be unfulfilled, but our future can be better than our past. We can change the conditions of today so our glorious destiny of tomorrow can be achieved,” the CPP Standard Bearer told a news conference in Monrovia.

Cummings said together, Liberians can write a new story, the story of a new beginning of a united Liberia rising majestically and prosperously, reconciling its past, and forging ahead to embrace a new future of peace, democracy, human decency, and equality.

“Our new story will be one of togetherness in overcoming our difficulties.

The new story of a stronger bond of citizenship over partisanship, prioritizing the good of the country, in which every Liberian will thrive if they are willing to try,” Cummings said in a passionate tone.

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