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…..….Indian begs for non-exposure

MONROVIA-The Ministry of Education(MOE) which has oversight responsibilities of all educational-related activities in Liberia,  cleverly ‘buried’ all rules governing procurement procedure and awarded the Smart Class project to an Indian company-Planet PC.

In keeping with succinct documents in the possession of this paper  a- jist which reads:  “If you don’t print(New Republic Newspaper) your article Planet PC will apologize with the World Bank for sending this wrong information by mistake and close the matter.  If you go ahead with your article then they will release all the proof and recordings to World Bank.  After that, if the investigation happens then everyone will be exposed,” one of the CEO for Cross word whatApps messages to New Republic.

This is the message sent by the  CEO of Crossword to New Republic which is reflective of him serving as a proxy for  Planet PC.

The company, Planet PC  is headed by the Chief Executive Officer of Cross word wife, madam Anita Nambiar.  One of the officials who previously worked for Crossword and was subsequently barred by the World  Bank is said to be in the employ of Planet PC .

Moreover, the MOE with the supervision of  Mr.  Latim Dathong, Deputy Minister of Administration supervised the entire process but failed to carry out due diligence.

Sources at the Ministry of Education told this paper that prior to awarding the contract to Planet PC, the head of Crossword, Mr. Sachin Nambair, who is seen the face of planet  PC, had a series of meetings with Dathong.

Knowing that Crossword could not take part in any world Bank-related bid,  put forward planet PC .

To verify this, the paper contacted  Mr. Nambiar for comments. He later paid a visit to the offices of New Republic Newspaper. (See below excepts of the conversations obtained thereof):

New Republic: “Good to see you Sachin.  It has been many years since we last met. Cross word-Sachin:  He responded: that,  it has been a long time since we met.  He responded that  he has been in Dubai and  Monrovia, but  business was not good in Liberia.”

The New Republic responded: this is everywhere. But it will be good one day.

When asked about his relationship with Planet PC, this was what he said.  He responded by first denying any link with the company.   He said, “planet PC is a different company altogether. Crossword is not active and had slowed down on operations.”

Then New Republic said: but planet PC took part in a bid that is almost on the verge of winning and this company is headed by your wife; Anita. So, by right, you are the one running it and trying to defraud the World  Bank.   Sachin said, “she is running it by herself and I have  no role to play in it.”

The New Republic further pressed on him and showed him the documents which were submitted to the committee for the bid with his wife’s details. 

He then succumbed;     He answered: Alphonso, yes it is true she is my wife. But am appealing to you so that this will not be put out because if you do so, it will affect me and I will go back to India.

Sachin later asked: But how did you get these documents which were supposed to be confidential documents? I will ask the World Bank and the  Ministry of Education how this leaked out to you.

He added that the contract has not been won by them and how did  I know that it would be given to them?

The  New Republic declined to reveal its sources.

At this point, the shocked Indian businessman became very uncomfortable and sat in complete silence meditation.

After a few minutes of quietude, he pointed out that: “I hope this story will not be published,” and added, I have known you for many years.”

After his departure from the offices of New Republic Newspaper,  he sent a series of messages to the paper;  which the paper reciprocated as well. One was to send the phone number for Planet PC

To further ascertain details on the story, Minister Latim’s office was contacted through his communication director, Maxim Bleetem for redress. There was no response. This paper’s reporter went to the minister’s chief of office Staff one Telebe    Kamara but said the minister was busy.

More startling revelations on MOE and the Indian Company be put out.–

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