By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-The Alternative National Congress (ANC) through its Political Leader Alexander Benedict Cummings has threatened to crack down on President Weah’s administration when elected President of Liberia as part of his commitment to end public stealing or corruption.

Reacting to President Weah’s State of the Nation Address on January 31, 2023, Cummings vowed that there will be consequences for stealing as no one who steals from the Liberian people should think they will get away with it.

“We will thoroughly investigate and audit public expenditures including but not limited to missing millions, the $25 Million U.S. Dollar Mop-up, the COVID Relief Fund, and the National Road Fund, and anyone who will be involved in stealing will be prosecuted in keeping with the laws,” he threatened further.

According to him, this business of dividing the national budget so that schools and hospitals, and all the things that the Liberian people need to improve their lives, are cut down and given to the President, Vice President, Speaker, Pro-Temp, and Deputy Speaker, is another wickedness we will end in a Cummings-led-Government.

“Our ongoing review of the national budget is showing monies being hidden under certain ministries and agencies for unspecified work and overestimated work, this is a foolish attempt to legalize stealing,” he claimed.

Similarly, Cummings mentioned that in the first six months of his regime, if elected, his administration will also commission a team of professionals to investigate all mysterious deaths and will deal with the situation as law-abiding societies should, when foul play is discovered.

He holds that the life of every Liberian is precious and important. Plus, we must live in a society that values human life noting that these grieving families deserve to know what happened so they can bring the much-needed closure to the loss of their parents and loved ones.

“Today, I give you my words: We will lead differently. We will lead honestly, diligently, honorably, and with integrity. Our administration will not need to spend our country’s money on me, or any member of my family. Liberia’s money belongs to the Liberian people; we will spend it on them so they have a chance to better their lives,” Cummings promised.

He says “We will lead by good examples and higher standards, and we will demand higher standards from everyone else in national leadership, this is why we will regularly declare our assets and demand the same regular declaration from all officials. Where we fail, we will honestly admit it.”

Cummings also says the country needs fixing and that the living conditions of people need to be improved something which he said will take hard work and a bit of time, but promised that together, he and his team will improve the living conditions of Liberians.

“Today, I promise you that together, we will find our way again. We have fallen, but we will rise up. We will renew our faith in our national creed of “one nation, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.”

Together, he believes they will recreate a new State of our Republic – a stronger, more democratic, secure, just, peaceful, and prosperous nation, which will be the envy of the region, and the world. Liberia is not blessed to be cursed.

“Our government is not cursed to be corrupt, uncaring, and distrusting. Our hopes and dreams may, as yet, be unfulfilled, but our future can be better than our past. We can change the conditions of today so our glorious destiny of tomorrow can be achieved. I know that together, we can write a new story – one to be told across generations.”

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