By: Reuben Bier

 Buchanan, Grand Bassa County – The Lifeless body of 29 years old Justin Davis has been discovered in the St. John River, in Fortville, Grand Bassa County.

Justin Davis reportedly jumped into the St. John River in Grand Bassa County over the fear of being arrested after being chased by officers of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) Grand Bassa Detachment for Marijuana.

Paul Davis, a brother of the late Justin explained that his brother intentionally jumped into the river for fear of being arrested by an officer of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Officer assigned at the checkpoint where the incident occurred.

Paul revealed that the officers suspected them of being in possession of Marijuana while making their way through to get to another destination something he did not deny.

Justin’s brother furthered that while attempting to arrest them; his brother decided to escape the scene and immediately jumped into the St. John River over the fear of being apprehended by the Police for illegal possession of the illicit substances.

St. John River is one of the six main rivers in Liberia with its headwaters in neighboring Guinea.

The river flows generally southwest through Liberia and empties into the Atlantic Ocean at Bassa Cove near Edina in Grand Bassa County.

The 175-mile-long (282 km) river has a drainage basin covering 5,700 square miles (15,000 km2).

It is in this river that the late Justin jumped into on the 18th of January 2023 and his remains were discovered a week after the incident occurred.

The remains of Justin were discovered by residents of Duwein Town, a town situated in St. John River City at the downside of the bridge, the place where Justin stood and jumped.

A 14-man jury was set up by the Crime Service Division of the Liberia National Police headed by the Deputy Chief for Crimes Service Division of the Liberia National Police (LNP) Grand Bassa County Detachment, Daniel Clay.

The 14-man-jury was represented by: Alphanso Wheagar, the Town Chief for Duwein Town, Abraham Ket, Sam Garyeazohn, Victor Gbah, Amos Davis, Roberto Davis, Ernest Dee, Prince Davis, Stephen Garsawbe, Junior Gardea, Youjay Sawon, Emmanuel Monway, Samuel Johnson and Darlington Morris.

The 14 men jury after their examination could not determine the cause of his death due to its decomposition stage mainly from his head.

The LNP’s Deputy Chief for the Crimes Service Division immediately turned to the lifeless body of the late Justin to the family for preservation following reports from the 14-men-jury.

Mr. Samuel Davis, Father of the late Justin who signed for the remains of his son; wants government intervention for the preservation of the body.

Meanwhile, his remains have been laid to rest as an investigation to his jumping in the river and other issues that immerged relative to his death continues.

Days ago, this paper reported of Police in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County arrested and forwarded to Court 13 persons for their alleged involvement to the violent acts exhibited at the St. John River City in Grand Bassa County hours after the late Justin Davis jumped into the river.

In keeping with the arrest, Police have charged the 13 defendants who were reportedly engaged in rioting which resulted in the burning of a building hosting the Liberia Joint Security valued at 1 million 5 hundred thousand United States Dollars.

The police said, the defendants also allegedly took away properties not belonging to acts they considered against the law of Liberia.

The Police charge sheet further states that the acts carried on by the defendants is in contradiction of chapter 17, subsection 17.1, chapter 15, Subsections 15.5,15.1, and 15.51 of the panel laws of Liberia.

The 13 defendants are currently deposited at the Upper Buchanan Central Prison awaiting court trial.


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