…. Many Liberian Women Commend Public Works Minister

MONROVIA-The Minister of Public Works, Madam Ruth Collins has been urged to remain focused and at the same time commending her for the level of work done in a short period of time.

She was commended by some women for her effort in ensuring that the president’s mandate for road connectivity is in place.

A number of women who listened to the president’s speech on Monday said she is one of the outstanding ministers in president Weah’s government and Madam Emmat Glassco, Fisheries agency boss.

“See what women can do when you give them a position to perform.  Madam Collins has proven to be on top of her work in the country. She is always working and does not talk a lot,” Cynthia Peterson, an international businesswoman said after listening to the speech of the president.

She said, when the president talked about road connections, he is doing well. The minister of Public works is really following the president’s instruction.   Do you know the level of work that is drawing attention from many of Liberian development partners? Some of us that travel to Ghana, Togo, and Nigeria, meet our friends who can tell us about this lady.

As for Emmat, she is doing well in that area. She knows her work well on top of it.  I think the president made no mistake here to appoint them,” she added.

“We want to say many thanks to president Weah for such a good speech and to maintain Madam Collins and madam Glasco. Actually, when she (Collins) took office, many of us thought that she was not going to do anything at all. But see here today, she is one at the front of most of the work” Rebecca D. Kollie, a market woman at the Rally Town market center said.

Our only advice is for her to remain focused and do the best thing. Let her not be moved by anything.   Her performance tells you that when a competent and qualified woman is placed somewhere to do a piece of job, she can do it well.  See the example of our past president, Ma Ellen.  See how she ruled us here,” she added.

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