By Mark N. Mengonfia

MONROVIA-As concern looms over recent comments made by Senator Prince Y. Johnson, of Nimba County, stressing the unfavorable relationship between him and President George M. Weah that many sons and daughters of Nimba County are not given lucrative positions in government a ranking member of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction, (MDR) and Representative of Electoral District # 4 in Nimba County, Gonpu Kargon has placed Senator Johnson’s Comments in context.

Since such utterances, Representative Kargon has been the first to speak about the boiling tension between the Coalition for Democratic Change, (CDC) and the MDR.

It can be recalled that Senator Johnson decried that the CDC could not live up to the terms and conditions of the social contract signed between two parties.

Senator Johnson who is considered as Nimba County’s godfather’ recently said his decision to withdraw the MDR’s support from Pres. Weah is predicated on the fact that the Liberian Leader has sharply deviated from these promises.

Speaking to the Voice of America, (VOA),  the Nimba County Lawmaker indicated that his expectation has never been met.

“ We had believed that being the World Best, European Best, African Best, all the best, with his election, he would have attracted investors to Liberia to create jobs and alleviate the suffering on our people through their investments, but since his election, the world has abandoned us in the sense that no investors are coming”, Senator Johnson noted.

He added, “And what we are doing in the country is just ratifying loan agreements and you cannot build the country based on loans.”

Speaking on the Liberia Broadcasting System Super Morning Show, recently, Rep. Kargon mentioned that Senator Johnson statements did not imply a total rejection of support from the CDC.

The Nimba County Representative heaped praises on the Liberian Leader for appointing former Nimba County Lawmaker, Garrison Yealue to head the Governance Commission.

The Nimba lawmaker reechoed calls for more appointments into government.

He cautioned the public not to misinterpret the true intention of President Weah.

“When the needful is done, he and other sons and daughters of Nimba will proudly canvass for President Weah.

“Anybody who says they are against the President, I am not part of it, and my political; leader is not part of it” he said.

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