MONROVIA-The night of Friday, February 29, 2023 was a scene of shooting and rioting between people believed to be loyal to River Cess County senatorial aspirants Bill Twehway and Andrew Peters in Boegeezay Town, District # 1, RiverCess County.

The supposedly two rival groups engaged into stone-throwing when Mr. Bill Twehway had gone to hold a town hall meeting with residents of Boegeezaay ahead of the October 10, 2023 polls.

The incident was fueled by the pulling down of a billboard bearing the photo of Mr. Peters allegedly by Mr. Twehway’s supporters. The billboard was posted right opposite Yenkeen Business Center, a place that was playing host to Twehway and his team of supporters. The spot also has at the front view a very big billboard similarly carrying the photo of Aspirant Twehway. Andrew’s supporters said they could not sit seeing their leader’s banner brought down while their contender’s billboard was still up, and so they opted to retaliate, resulting in stone throwing and firing of live bullets. The reason for tearing down Andrew’s billboard is yet to be established.

Stones were directed at the guest house hosting Bill Twehway and those traveling along with him. The aspirant had to flee to the Boegeezay Police Depot for refuge. Following the police and elders’ intervention, Twehway and his team later had to return to their lodging place. He said it was unfortunate while accusing Peters of masterminding the attack.

“It’s unfortunate that we are not campaigning yet and the people engaged in election violence, where people were firing guns, and a handmade grenade at our car and us. That we had to run away to the police station.It is unfortunate”.

“It’s a no different political party; they are people from Andrew Peters’ camp. Andrew wants to be a senator and I guess, he wants to be a senator on the ticket of the Coalition for Democratic Change, and he believes violence is the way forward”.

“For us, we don’t believe in violence. We believe in the peaceful resolution of issues, that’s why we ran away yesterday to the police station to report to the police. We came back after the police intervention.

Nobody going to drive us away from Monweh. We are here”.

The effort to have Mr. Peters responds to this allegation remains futile, as the senatorial aspirant’s phone lines are unreachable.

Those behind the shooting are yet to be properly identified, but an eyewitness said one of the doers come from Zoe-warlord, a nearby town.

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