“See Yourself As Interveners For The Next Generation “

------Liberia Assistant Youth and Sports Minister for Administration, FamettaLeelaiBracewell admonishes Liberians based in the diaspora

MONROVIA-Liberia Assistant Youth and Sports Minister for Administration,  Fametta Leelai Bracewell has admonished Liberians based in the diaspora to see themselves as interveners for the next generation.

The seasoned public administrator and former Country Director of Human Initiative Network speaking to a group of Liberians recently at the New Wine Ministries International  Church in the United States told the congregation comprising of Africans residing in the developed country to seek and identify investment opportunities for individuals, businesses and the government to enhance national and sustainable developments for the less-fortunate Liberian.

Delivering a brief address as guest preacher, Minister Bracewell intimated that the establishment of fruitful relationships with high schools and other tertiary institutions will pave the way for the transfer of needed resources including technology, knowledge, and skills among others.

She further said working with health professionals most particularly those of African and Liberian origin to form partnerships will also help to improve the healthcare delivery system of the post-war economic struggling nation situated in West Africa.

FamettaLeelaiLablahBracewell noted that Africans have for over the years strived for advanced medical treatment outside of Africa thus forgetting to lobby for adequate opportunities and expertise among themselves in the diaspora communities across the United States of America, Europe, and elsewhere around the world.

Madam Bracewell encouraged the American-based diaspora Africans to remember their respective roots back in Liberia and across the continent.

” As Liberians here in America, let our service reflect on our next generation back home, our presence in the US is a call service, to become interveners for the next group of people to come after us, it should be reflected in our actions”.

The Bong County daughter made the assertions recently while addressing scores of Liberians as well as other African nationals at the New Wine Ministries International Church in Austin, Texas,  USA.

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