By: Mark B. Dumbar

The Executive Director of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Wilson Tarpeh has disclosed that Liberians should not buy swarm land; because buying and building on swarm land is erroneous and deluge.

The statement was made during the regular Thursday press briefing at the Ministry Of Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism on October 13, 2022.

According to him, the issue of people building in a swarm has resulted in an overflow of water from the swarm to the dry land causing communities to be flooded.

According to him, Liberia is now a party to a convention called the Round Side Convention and as a signatory to that convention, we have already had an international obligation to observe all of the steps.

He urged people to bring it to an end by buying swarm land and building houses on it, because it may one-day cause problems in the near distance future to come. “Don’t buy swarm land”, he noted.

He furthered that those swarm lands belong to the Government of Liberia and that people should stop buying government property.

He noted, that, “If you build in swarm land we will come after you and demolish your property”.

He added that if an individual has swarm land and wants to build, that individual should invite the Environmental Protection Agency to give technical advice. 

He mentioned that some institutions and individuals have invited the Environmental Protection Agency to observe the ecosystems of their swarm land before constricting their building and today, they are very well.

According to him, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has the best prime anywhere in the history of Liberia apart from the Executive Mansion.  

 He mentioned that the Environmental Protection Agency is in collaboration with the Liberia Land Authority to make sure that land dealers can sell government property (SWARMLAND) to them.

According to him, any surveyor that will conduct a survey in swarm land will have a serious problem with the Liberia Land Authority (LLA). He noted, that “they will have to make that decision”. 

He pointed out that the Environment Protection Agency has gone out to people who are in the constant habit of purchasing swarm land from land dealers to forgo it because the swarm land belongs to the government. 

The EPA is a government’s autonomous agency whose aim is to, among other things, protect and manage the environment.

Tarpeh also threatened to demolish those structures that have been built on swam land because the Environment Protection Agency has sent out warnings to those that have built on government property.

“This time we are going to bulldoze structures that are built on swarm land,” Tarpeh said.

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