Father Cries for Assistance to Save life of 11-year-old ailing son

MONROVIA-The father of an 11-year-old child is calling on First Lady Clar Marie Weah, officials of government, members of the River Cess Legislative Caucus, philanthropic organizations, and people of goodwill to render assistance to save the life of his son, who is said to be facing a serious medical complication.

Samuel D. Sawah alias ST, a former player of River Cess’ National County Sports Meet squad, informed Gtv  Liberia that his son, Samuel Sawah, Jr., was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and has been advised he undergoes surgery abroad.

Samuel said he was told that the surgery cannot be done in Liberia, so he was advised to take the boy to India.

According to him, his son has been surviving on tubes and injections, temporary healthcare intervention to suppress the severe pains and weakness the child goes through until the surgery is performed.

The father, who is a student, informed the public that he lacks the capacity to raise plane tickets and fund the medical bill of the struggling child; hence, he’s appealing to people of goodwill to help him.

Samuel can be reached at 0770751422/0880470105.

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