MONROVIA-With few months to the conduct of 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, there seems to be some level of uncertainties within the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction, (MDR).

Senator Johnson told the Voice of America Tuesday that he was unsatisfied with the collaboration between his party and the Congress for Democratic Change-CDC.

“It is not true, if we have some alliance with you, to collaborate with you, I find incompatibility with you, compare with that; if the agreement expires, I can no longer review that agreement,” he said.

“We are open to all parties, we are working with ANC, we are working with Unity Party, we are working with the newly certificated political Party, all of the parties on the ground we are working with them.  So one party cannot win without the other in the country, we have asked to support  Mr. Weah;  if we do is an affront, all kinds of talks, we are registered under the law of this country and our support from 2017, October to October 2023  it  is no legally binding,” he said.

But the Vice Chairman for Political Affairs, Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Commerce, Hon.  Wilfred Bangura told a news conference Monday that he stands with  President Weah.

“In the midst of all these developments, I stand with the President. He said his comments represent the leadership and membership of the MDR. That I stand with the President to ensure his re-election as a President of the Republic of Liberia, and I will do everything legally, morally, and politically possible to ensure that the President is re-elected with a decisive mandate in this year’s election, so that he can continue working on the Liberian project. Let there be no doubt that the MDR too is fully on board and we will together work very hard toward the re-election of President George M. Weah.

But some sources in the MDR told this paper that Senator Johnson was on his own.  “He has retired and does not control the party. We will hold discussions with any party. But we will put out a presidential candidate come 2023 election. When we meet on the ‘battlefield”, we will talk if necessary.”

Also, from the Legislature, Senator Johnson came under criticism. Representative Acarus Gray said, “It is unfortunate to say that investors are not coming into the country. Senator Johnson was here, when we tried to right the wrong under the  Hummiburg  Agreement, 57 Agreements ratified that were reported to have met local and international standards. You can’t be an allay and when you have an issue you can’t discuss it”.

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