Deceptive, Laughable Statement

By: Mark B. Dumbar

MONROVIA-Deputy Information Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism Boakai M. Fofana has proclaimed that the statement made by former vice president Joseph Boakai is deceptive and can’t persuade the Liberian people, because there is no true in it; that if he is given the presidency comes 2023 in Liberia, no vehicle will get stuck in the mud.

Fofana made the statement during the regular Thursday press briefing at the Ministry of information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism on October 13, 2022; as he feels very ashamed of former vice president Joseph Boakai.

According to him, the Liberian people need to observe that a man who once told them that he was an old car packed in the garage.

He mentioned that the mindset of former vice president Boakai needs to be developed in saying the true and stop telling lies.

He said this is a level of desperation that the former vice president wants to throw at the Liberian people for the general and presidential election.

He said that the former vice president thinks very low that his statement is laughable.

He noted, that, “anything that comes from his (Bookie’s) mouth, they will buy”.

According to him, the Government of Liberia under President Weah’s leadership is a government that has constructed more road than any other government.

“We have constructed a road that passed through the former vice president’s yard in Rehab Community, the thing he fails to do over twelve years in office,” he noted.

He stated that, “I feel ashamed that the former vice president will speak in such a manner without any praises given to this government”.

“I wonder where the former vice president was during in twelve years that he could not construct a road that should pass through his community in Rehab”, he noted.

He observes that within the twelve years the former vice president could have turned things around, along with his leader for the betterment of the Liberian people.

He wonders that with all the twelve years as vice president he has done that the Liberian people can see, and elect him, come 2023 general and presidential elections.

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