MONROVIA-As Liberians have successfully transitioned to the politically tension-packed 2023 General and Legislative Elections much is expected in creating a level-playing field for the peaceful conduct of the elections.

Amidst the heightening politics in the country, there have been lingering concerns over partisans from the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, (CDC) and the opposition Unity Party crossing over to each other.

Last weekend during the public appearance of the Standard Bearer of Unity Party, Joseph N. Boakai, scores of what was believed to be aggrieved members of the CDC joined the UP.

The aggrieved partisans mentioned that they believe in the leadership ability of Boakai despite being medically criticized for poor health.

The group, in her declaration of support to Mr. Boakai, pointed out that the former soccer legend and President of Liberia George M. Weah have woefully failed.

Barely a day after aggrieved members of CDC joined ranks with the UP,  some disenchanted partisans of the UP in a similar fashion pledged support to the Presidential Ambition of Weah in the upcoming Presidential and Legislative Elections.

According to the self-proclaimed run-away supporters of the UP, they have decided to join the ruling CDC on the basis of the prevalent wave of development seething through the country.

They cataloged the payment of the West African Senior Secondary School Examination (WASSEC) fees by the current government, the free tuition scheme at the State-run University of Liberia, and road connectivity across Liberia as the reasons for the reelection of President Weah.

Pundits have criticized the series of cross-overs and have termed these processes as being stage-managed.

The public is pondering over the quick endorsement of the aggrieved UP Partisans to the CDC in less than a day.

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