Police Station Set Ablaze In Bassa

By: Reuben Bier

BUCHANAN-Some angry Citizens in Grand Bassa County have set ablaze the only Police Depot at the St. John River City.

St. John River City is a few miles away from Buchanan City, the main City of Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia.

The angry mobs accused Officers of the Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) assigned at the Police Depot of harassing one cyclist which led him to drown in the St. John River.

It was reported that Justin Davis, a motorcyclist jumped into the river for fear of being arrested by the LDEA’s Officers.

Paul Davis, a brother of Justin Davis explained that his brother intentionally jumped into the river for fear of being arrested by an officer of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Officer assigned at the checkpoint to where the incident occurred.

Paul revealed that the Officers suspected them of being in possession of marijuana while making their way through to get to another destination something he did not deny.

Justin Davis brother further explained why attempting to arrest them, his brother decided to escape the scene and immediately jumped into the river over fear and he is yet to be seen since the incident occurred almost a week ago.

The Saint John River is one of the six main rivers in the West African nation of Liberia. With its headwaters in neighboring Guinea.

The river flows generally southwest through Liberia and empties into the Atlantic Ocean at Bassa Cove near Edina in Grand Bassa County.

The 175-mile-long (282 km) river has a drainage basin covering 5,700 square miles (15,000 km2).

Following the burning of the Police depot and damage to the checkpoint in the area, the joint security of Grand Bassa County has since launched a search warrant and several others have been arrested and currently under the custody of the Liberia National Police Bassa Detachment undergoing investigation for the alleged linked to the burning of the Police Station in the area.

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