By: Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-Fresh report reaching this paper speaks of the deteriorating conditions of famous Liberian folktale musician and Professor, Jones Dopoe.

Mr. Dopoe, a man famous for his song, ‘Cassava Leave’ is said to be currently living in a very appalling condition at his Duport Road residence in Paynesville, near the country’s capital, Monrovia.

According to the report, the former Liberian professor can barely have a daily meal as he ages beyond God’s approved grace period of the professed three scores and ten or seventy years.

Concerned Liberians who phoned into a local radio station early Monday (Jan.23, 2023) near Monrovia called on Liberians, in general, to go to the aid of the resourceful Liberian who is said to be losing grips with man’s greatest and unseen enemy, death as a result of worsening conditions both health wise and financially.

Liberians phoning in on the Truth Breakfast Show (TBS) said, it is about time that Liberians both at home and abroad to cater to the illing Liberian folklore and a professor too, so as to restore his dignity.

They reminded Liberians and humanitarians as well as well-wishers to see reason in paying the famous musician good for good by quickly intervening in his situation.

It is reported that at present, family members of the illing Liberian educator want to take him to his home in Nimba County, but cannot afford the transportation fare for him since getting daily bread for him has become worrisome if not almost impossible.

The concerned Liberians are also calling for the upkeep of the Nimba County hitman as history and society are not being fair to him wealth-wise.

According to the information through a local radio station Truth FM , Professor Dopoe is aging and not economically potent to upkeep him in Montserrado   County where he has been residing for so many years contributing greatly   to  the educational sector of the country.

Concern Liberians on Monday, January 23, 2023  called on the media and the government of Liberia to take the lead   in rescuing the human resource contributor to the government over  the years at the University of Liberia and other higher institutions of learning.

They also urged the Administration of the University of Liberia and lovers of his music to initiate the raising of  some funding for the upkeep of such a great statesman who according to them gave his life for the young people of Liberia.

According to the information, the deplorable living condition of the professor has prompted him and his family members to now make a decision for him to go back home in Nimba County but needs financial aid.

The Family of Professor Dopoe is seeking needy support from humanitarian organizations, the student community, the religious community,  the youths,  the musician union, and lovers of his songs to come to assistance that will be able to take him to Nimba his place of birth.

If the government and those humanitarians do go to the call by the aging professor for support,  he will be taken to Nimba County to be there for the rest of his life.

Information emanating on the present condition of professor Dopoe unveiled that the economic condition is seriously challenged including the insecurity in his household as contributing factors that are fully responsible for the SOS call.

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