GOL & Partners Launched NDC Implementation Plans


MONROVIA-The all-important launch of Liberia’s Revised National Determined Contributions (NDC) implementation plan in Paynesville was graced by top government officials, members of the International Community, international organizations, civil societies, youth groups, students, women, local organizations among others.

The launch was part of the high-level meeting on NDC implementation.

Speaking  during  the opening  of the meeting  at  the  Paynesville City Hall  the Executive   Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Prof. Wilson Tarpeh  said  he was happy because  President George M. Weah  has taken charge of the country’s climate change situation by providing all of the support as  an institution  to address the issue of climate change.

 According to him, two years ago   the EPA commenced the Revised National Determined Contributions (NDC) implementation plan.

He disclosed that the NDC is a requirement under the Paris Agreement that was crafted in 2015 with each country required to document its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas.

Prof. Tarpeh also thanked all of the governments through the EPA partners including the Government of Sweden and others for the technical support giving the EPA in the crafting of the NDC.

He said because of their efforts the EPA was able as an institution to complete an NDC plan emission by 64% below business as usual.

The EPA Boss said the implantation plan detailed the role map on how it will be done into successful implementation of that vital document.

He said the government has made strive into the Paris commitment in the agreement in 2018 among others.

The launch of the NDC will include a two-day workshop on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and the Star Allocation of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) with the objective to address biodiversity, climate change and land desertification.

 Liberia’s NDC takes into consideration nine climate-sensitive sectors of the country that included, Agriculture, Forests, Coastal zones, Fisheries, Health, Transport, Industry, Energy and Waste as well as cross-cutting targets for urban green corridors.

Moreover,  countries that are part of the parties to the two days workshop on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement will focus on the National transfer of Carbon credits between countries, the creation of credits for emission reduction projects undertaken in developing countries as well as the non-market-based approaches such as applying taxes to discourage emission or development aid.

 The two days’ workshop on Article 6, is intended to increase awareness on the importance of the Article as it relates to carbon credits and also to build the capacity of 40 national experts drawn from the public and private sectors.

 Additionally, Friday October 20th, the EPA and partners will have a meeting on the Star Allocation of the Global Environment Facility (GEF). The GEF has allocated US$8.6million for Biodiversity, Climate Change and Land Degradation from 2022 to 2026 under GEF, 8 Replenishment periods as a grant to the Government and People of Liberia. GEF, is the custodian of the financial mechanism of biodiversity, climate change Land Degradation, and international water.

Also speaking United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Resident   Representative Stephen Rodriques said climate change represents an economic, social, and business risk that threatens to reverse decades of human development with countries like Liberia at risk of further impoverishment.

“As we gather here today, I crave your indulgence that this gathering will mark a new momentum of urgency for collective action towards solutions inspired by our conscientious and collective recognition of the grave threat climate posed by climate change”, he noted.

He said the solutions they crave range from policy decisions by the government and policymakers- to actions at the business level -to individual and community choices and actions.

“I equally want to call on all partners of Liberia to stand up for Liberia and support the implementation of the NDC as the vehicle for safeguarding Liberia against climate change and ensuring sustainable development for the country”, he noted.

Mr. Rodriques indicated that winning of the battle against climate change requires multi-stakeholder support and engagement, stressing that they at UNDP are proud to be part of such an initiative.

Delivering the official launch of  the NDC  speech on behalf of President George Weah , Foreign Minister, Dee-Maxwell Kemayah called on all officials of  his  Administration to develop and take charge of the bankable projects embedded in the NDC Implementation Plan.

The Liberian leader did urge them to work with the Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia in ensuring that their commitments in the NDC’s are implemented to the fullest. 

Let me also express our gratitude to the NDC Partnership, who have lent their assistance to place this Implementation Plan on an international online platform.

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