As Women Rights Lawyer Calls for Dismissal

MONROVIA-A renowned Liberian Women’s Rights Lawyer and feminist Cllr. Margaret M. Nigba has called for the dismissal of Andrew Anderson of the National Investment Commission.

Mr. Anderson was on January 18, 2023, found guilty of simple assault by the Paynesville Magisterial Court.

According to the ruling, Mr. Anderson will spend three months in prison and pay a fine as well as  the medical bills and legal expenses of the victim.

Speaking following the ruling, Cllr. Margaret Nigba said the court’s decision is a victory for the Human Rights Community in Liberia.

“I am happy that justice has finally been served and we are so excited”, the lead lawyer in the domestic violence case, Cllr. Nigba stated.

Among other things, the Boss of “Her Voice Liberia” maintained her call to have Andrew Anderson dismissed at the National Investment Commission because, according to her, “you cannot keep an abuser at such strategic government entity”,  the National Investment Commission.

The Wednesday ruling by the Paynesville Magisterial Court came following a long-standing legal battle in the domestic violence case between Lorraine Rose and Andrew Anderson.

The case during its hearing was characterized by mixed views and opinions on social media with workmates, family members, and friends of both parties expressing their opinions on the issue.

Cllr. Nigba said social media discussions which were among other things meant to buy in public sentiments in the case only embarrassed her client at some point in time but it did not in any way help the matter as the perpetrator, Andrew Anderson was finally found guilty of domestic violence and will pay for his actions meted against her client.

According to her, the legal victory was credited to everyone particularly, Medica-Liberia who provided support as well as the Women NGO Secretariat, WONGOSOL, and the National Civil Society Council of Liberia.

Even though Lorraine Rose Dunn was represented by Her Voice Liberia’s Legal Clinic and Atty. Sam War Fallah, Head of Her Voice Legal clinic, but the collective effort she stressed is key and pays a lot, especially in the just-ended case.

Cllr. Nigba, flanked by Muna Kelly who represented WONGOSOL at the final ruling day, pledged her institution, “Her Voice Liberia” willingness and preparedness at all times to represent the legal interests of women in Liberia.

In a more relieved and free move, victim Lorraine Rose Dunn expressed joy and was also very glad that justice was served in her case.

“Thanks to everyone who stood by me and continues to stand by me, I am grateful,” she emphasized.

Making specific reference to “Her Voice Liberia”, happy Lorraine Rose Dunn hailed what she described as free/probono legal services rendered to her through Cllr. Nigba during the entire legal process, “I am so grateful,” she added.

Her statement was buttressed by her uncle Rhoney Lunter who hailed the magisterial court for dispensing justice in a fair and professional manner.

“This is my first time seeing justice prevail and we commend the court”, Mr. Lunter pointed out.

According to him, Anderson’s methodology failed because nothing was chronological and he is now happy that his niece can walk free with her head high up.

He narrated that the unfair statements made against his niece on social media during the case which was meant to in their opinions bring her down rather than promoted her because Justice was never denied.

Mr. Lunter was also quick to appreciate the legal team led by Cllr. Margaret Nigba of Her Voice Liberia and others who helped to ensure that they collectively win the legal battle.


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