MONROVIA-Youth Award Winning Leader John M. Gray has been recognized for his immense contribution through Youth Capacity Building, Mentorship, and in advancing the One Youth Agenda in West Africa.

Gray who is the National Chairman for the Coalition for Patriotic Action continued to leave indelible marks in the youthful space not only in Liberia but within the African Continent.

Several institutions recognized the immense contributions of Mr. Gray through their different platforms, some of those institutions are: The west African Youth Assembly (The Regional body for youth-related activities within West Africa), Widow’s Might Charity Initiative (Based in India), Molding Minds and Changing Attitudes, National Youth Initiative for Sustainable Development among others in Liberia. In separate recognitions, the Heads of the different groups through different mediums laud Mr. Gray for his immense coaching and mentorship role played in their respective institutions in 2022.

The West African Youth Assembly, Widow’s Might Charity Initiative, and several international organizations continued to invite Mr. Gray as Facilitator on many of their online programs on Leadership, and Youth Development that brings together hundreds of young people from different countries.

Through their year-end online and in-person appreciation ceremonies organized by the different renowned institutions, all their messages of appreciation/recognition point to gray’s passion, commitment and outstanding contributions through coaching and mentoring a cross-section of young people in helping them have a more purpose-driven concept.

Amb. Gray has a long-standing history of working with young people through different initiatives not only in his country Liberia but the West Africa Region continued to benefit hugely, an Exemplary Leader, quotes by the Head of the West African Youth Council Head – Emmanuel Chea.

There are scores of young people who continued to seek knowledge through seminars, conferences, motivational sessions and another educative initiatives that help build their lives in a more viable and suitable way.John is a motivational speaker and an Award winning Youth Leader by many Institutions (Religious, Educational, Social and different specialized institutions).

A young man growing up in Paynesville continued to dedicate his service through educational and impactful initiatives. John has deep spirit of humility, good team player and knows how to build networks with others all geared towards developing minds and contributing largely to community development.

Currently, politics has entrenched the Liberian society thus making many young people exert more effort in politics than at looking at ways that can positively impact their personal lives and society at large.  The last census conducted puts the youthful population at 63% of Liberia’s population and there are too many socially deviant acts that keep hindering youth development, as such, young people need to ensure that they work through different programs and initiatives which will potentially help them for advancement and enlightenment. It can be recalled that in November 2022,

Mr. Gray was honored by the Destiny Recovery Center- an institution that focuses primarily on rehabilitating and reintegrating a cross-section of young people under the influence of Substance Abuse and taking other harmful substances inclusive of narcotic drugs, at a similar institution, Mr. Gray received accolades not only from the Leadership of the DCI but even recent graduates who went through the intensive nine (9) month care .

In the words of Hon. Thomas Goshua, who is also noted as one of the Champions for the passage of the Drug Law expressed deep gratitude to Amb. John M. Gray for his commitment and dedication in helping to shift the minds of the cross-section of young people through positive initiatives. “I am so proud to see Mr. Gray receiving such a well-deserved honor, somebody who continues to work with the young people for a better Liberia”.

With the accolades bestowed upon him through different means, Mr. Gray appreciates the different institutions for the great recognition as he promised the young people of more suitable and impactful initiatives in 2023. I keep reminding young people “ If you are passionate about what you want to do in order to help others in society and at different fronts, you will get your point and concept across and you will make a change in other people’s lives, these recognitions inspired us to keep working for our young people, Gray asserts.

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