US$70k thief breaks silence

MONROVIA-The driver of  CPP’s-Collaborating Political Party  Martin Kollah has denied allegations levied against him by his boss.

Speaking via telephone on  spoon talk, this week,  Simeon G. Davis said he’s a man of good character, something which many including his former bosses, former senate Pro temp, Gbezongar Findlay and Representative Mathew Joe whom he worked for as driver can attest to.

According to him, he has properties and businesses in Grand Bassa county worth more than the 70 thousand  which he  has been accused of stealing.

Simeon disclosed that he has been driving for Martin Kollah close to two years and has received large amount of money in Mr. Kollah’s name, but  has  never stolen a dime from him.

It can be recalled that the CPP and Team Cummings held a political rally, dubbed: “We tired” on December 17, 2022. It was reported  on social media a day to the rally that  the amount of US$70.00 was stolen by Mr. Kolleh’s driver and whereabout was unknown.

But Simeon clarified that he received only $15,000 USD(fifteen thousand ) during the planning process of the rally in his Boss’ name but turned it over to him in full. He claimed he left Liberia the day before the rally to seek solutions for his prolonged spiritual illness he has been battling with; something his boss knew about. His boss even contributed $100 United States dollars. “ I regret holding that money from him, he thought I was going to die on my sick bed that’s why he lied on me. But I will not die, I will come back Liberia to clear my name,” Simeon Said.

He also stated that he’s not the only driver of Mr. Kollah and the other driver whom he called Menyon is charged with the responsibility of carrying Mr. Kollah’s bag.

Simeon said he has not received his $75 monthly salary for over six months but chose to stay as driver for  his boss because he saw great future for himself when Mr Cummings and Mr Kollah win the election as President of Liberia and Representative of district six montserrado county respectively. But he expressed his disappointment in his boss for accusing him wrongly.

Simeon reiterated that he’s innocent of the accusation, but also accused his boss of recently purchasing a personal vehicle and over 2000 bags of rice for his district after he said the money was stolen.

He assured the public that after his illness, he will return to Liberia and turn himself over to the Liberia National Police to be investigated

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