MCC Releases 2022 Progress Report

By: R. Joyclyn Wea
MONROVIA-The Monrovia City Government has released its 2022 progress report earmarking several undertakings by the corporations Jefferson Koijee saID during the year 2022, Monrovia has made some tremendous strides on the international front.
MCC he said got elected to a second term on the Executive Committee of the Global Parliament of Mayors, being the only African on the ExCo of the Global Mayors Body and won the bid to host the 2023 Edition of the Global Parliament of Mayors Summit in Monrovia. Monrovia and Liberia will welcome hundreds of city and world leaders to discuss urban governance, decentralization, peace and security, climate change, urban finance, youth empowerment, globalization and multiallelism, and extremism among others.

“Monrovia also received the Global Climate Funds for Inclusive Cities from the Mayors Migration Council to address flooding and sea erosion in selected communities in Monrovia, beautify our city and create green corridors in West Point, New Kru Town, on the Somalia Drive from Free-Port to Double Bridge, and along the Mesurado River,” Koijee says.
The funds will also provide livelihood, vocational and technical training to 150 flood victims in Monrovia.
He revealed that Monrovia signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the City of Houston in early April and the two cities have set up committees to work on modalities for signing an official Sister-City Relation to strengthen cooperation between the two cities.

During the year, Monrovia and the City of Salisbury in North Carolina also signed a Sister-City Relationship for cooperation. These engagements and relationships further strengthen our ties with the US. And even here in Liberia, we have been having a series of working engagements with USAID and the US Embassy.
“Monrovia was selected along with Oslo, Tunis, and the Hague to form part of the Global Reference Group of Strong Cities Network to address hate and extremism globally.”

The city government further launched the Ewallie payment system that will make all of our payments Digital and supported the Youth for Change National Debate championship aims to promote academic excellence as well as support the Liberia Chess Federation at the 44th World Chess Olympia in India.
“MCC Participated as a panelist at the Global Parliament of Mayors in Katowice, Poland. We launched a Weekly community Clean- Up exercise along with the Deputy Chief of Mission of the US embassy near our capital Joel Maybury beginning with the Fiamah Community,” Koijee.

He further “We launched the ‘stairs truck” waste collection system in our city that eventually get rid of several collection points and the indiscriminate disposal of waste in our city, as well as the construction of the New Landfill, is progressing.”

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