Liberian Business Women Hoping Against Uncertainty


-As Mixed-Signals Overwhelmed Festive Season 

MONROVIA-Many Liberians mostly businesswomen located in Red-Light market, Paynesville are hopeful of a better festive season with few days to the official Christmas festival.

Speaking to our reporter who visited the commercial hub of Red-light Thursday, the marketers disclosed that their businesses had not gone (progressing) for the past two weeks.

According to them, during the previous years, from the 15 of December, they as business people, always felt the huge flow of customers,   unlike this year’s Christmas.

“We are not understanding business these few days, because Christmas that we know, by this time, we are making money, but nothing yet, we are hoping that things will be better “Comfort Morris a used clothes business woman indicated.

Recently, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Finance Development Planning pointed out that it was going to complete the payment of all government employees before December 5 of this year, something that gave hope to many families whose relatives are working in government. However, those who are working within the private sector were not given much hope by their employers, unlike the governments.

Ruth Johnson a businesswoman in Red-light said the government needs to do something with the challenges that the citizens are facing under the Coalition for Democratic Change-led- government.

“We are suffering my brother, things are not easy, no money, we do not know where the money the government people can be talking about go, because every time you put your radio on, they will be talking about big, big money and we can’t see it”, Madam Johnson said.

With all of the economic constraints that Liberians are faced with, some businesswomen mostly the used clothes marketers are hopeful that they will make a profit from these Charismas.

According to them, no matter what happens, parents will just have to buy clothes for their children, something that they are now hoping for the rest of the few days of Charismas. 

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