LYNXES Celebrates 20th Anniversary


-As Taylor Cautions Youth To Prioritize Education

By: Jonathan O. Grigsby, Snr. Contributor

MONROVIA-Alumnae of Cathedral High School on Snapper Hill in Central known as Lynxes of 2001 / 2002 have concluded five-day activities in commemoration of its 20th-anniversary celebration.

The 20th-anniversary celebration which ran from Wednesday, December 14 through Sunday, December 18 was held under the theme: “Together we can Accomplish Amazing Things”.

The celebration was held 20 years after members of the Lynxes Class numbering about forty students graduated from Cathedral High School.

The celebration brought together members of the Lynxes,  who are alumnae of the Cathedral High School from the United States of America, Australia, and from across various working sectors of Liberia.

The anniversary events started on Tuesday night, December 13 thru December 18 with an acquaintance gathering and welcoming of others from the Diaspora with some of the forty members of Lynxes sharing some class jokes, laughter, and embracing of each who for nearly 20 years have been apart because of their various locations.

On Wednesday, December 14, a career day event was held in the auditorium of the Cathedral High School that brought together members of Lynxes and current students of the Cathedral High School where the students were inspired on choosing their future careers. It was also to help direct the students in getting a career for tomorrow that will better their standards of living.

The career day event saw three alumnae serving ad speakers including Albert D. Nyuangar, Neda Jallah and Jeffery Yates, and spoke on the topics: Choosing a Career, Nurse Anesthesia, and Leadership.

The event witnessed the three speakers motivating the students, stressing that years back they were once students wearing the same uniforms but they have become professionals in society.

The career day climaxed with a parade on Ashmus Street in Monrovia.

In his brief remarks, Lynxes President, Christian Taylor, said the exercise was to inspire and provide a guide on students of Cathedral on how they can choose their careers that will not impact themselves, their families, communities, Liberia, and the world at large.

Mr. Taylor said the career day was also intended to prepare them for future challenges and how they can become useful citizens to contribute positively to the growth and development of Liberia.

He further cautioned them to focus on acquiring sound and quality education because it through education their potential will be developed.

Taylor disclosed that members of Lynxes have developed several plans to the school in many areas like technology (computer lab) as well as mentorship, among others.

“Today we who attended this school are successful and are working both in Liberia and in the Diaspora because we were all serious with our lessons, studied hard, disciplined and focused, so all of you (students) in where can do likewise if your study hard, make good friends and are respectful and discipline”, he told the students.

He also praised members of Lynxes for the unity and togetherness that continue to exist amongst them while they were in school after their graduation up to the present.

As part of the 20th-anniversary celebration, they carried out a charitable exercise to the Redemption Hospital in the Borough of New Kru Town on Bushrod Island and a Mosque in Central Monrovia.

As part of the five days’ activities, a sports event for more acquaintances as well as a thanksgiving service was held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish Church, Upper Board Street in Monrovia.

During the milestone anniversary celebration, a sober reflection to memorialize their classmates of the Lynxes was briefly observed for those who have departed the world.

Purpose of Lynxes

Following their graduation, the “Lynxes of Cathedral High School, have remained as a group fostering development and growth amongst themselves, rendering aid at Cathedral School while also contributing to Liberia’s socio-economic development and the larger society.

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