Gov’t Focuses On Access TO WASH

-Bobby Whitfield Reveals at Joint Sector Review Summit

MONROVIA-The Chief Executive Officer of the WASH Commission of Liberia Bobby Whitfield has revealed that the Liberian Government is paying key attention to the Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector through the Wash Commission.

 According to him, the Government and its partners are working to ensure that the country has access to Safe Drinking Water, Decent Health facilities and to end Open Defecation.

Speaking Tuesday, December 20, 2022 during the joint sector Review Process Meeting in Monrovia, Mr. Whitfield said presently the country is faced with challenges to end Open Defecation and access to safe drinking water across the country.

According to him, the government through the Wash Commission and that of its partners are working on such a process that will lead to finding a solution stressing that it can be achievable through the joint sector Review Process which is  the driving force in formulating reports for the overall good of the country’s WASH  sector.

“People do not have access to safe drinking, people start drinking from the creeks, from contaminated water, so this is a process, starting today and by the end of February we should come out with a report of Liberia and say this is a new land skip of the WASH Sector of Liberia”, he said.

The WASH Commission Boss further said, per the report, Liberia access to safe drinking water   around   70 percent stressing that perhaps it may increase from the   joint sector Review reports.

According to him, from the meeting, the government through the WASH Commission will be able to take along a great document to the United Nations Water Conference in March 2023 which will be the second   to be held under the United Nations.

“Every country during the conference is expected to report on their current status, this JSR  is very heavy because it will give us much needy document because that document contains our status on what we are going  to be doing in the next five to six years, “he noted.

Also speaking, the Secretary General of the Liberia Civil Society WASH Network, George Karyah Disclosed that the CSOS are representing the communities across the country at that joint sector Review Process Meeting with the objective to checkmate the Government and its partners.

He said the last JSR was done in 2014 , Grand Bassa County were the conference came out with a document with one wash hoping that  with  in the current meeting government will be able to give the outcome of the one wash document.

Karyah further narrated that their concern with that one wash documents is to ensure that the government outlines those concern and objectives that were in the documents for Liberians which component was achieved and that of which was not achieved.

He said Liberia needs to be on par with global WASH programs in relation to sustainable Development Programs.

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