-Says Bishop Winker At Welcome Ceremony Of Pres. Weah At The Dominion Christian Fellowship Church

By: Mark B. Dumbar Jr.

MONROVIA-The Dominion Christian Fellowship Bishop Isaac S. Winker has disclosed that those that are planning evil against President George M. Weah have a long time to wait as he will continue to lead the Liberian people.

Winker made the statement during the welcome ceremony of President Weah to Liberia at the Dominion Christian Fellowship in Congo Town on December 19, 2022.

According to him, Liberians should change their mind and start to appreciate God for whatever he has done.

He urged that Liberians should always learn to appreciate the Almighty God no matter the situation.

He noted, that “today President Weah has come to appreciate God for a save arrival home”.

According to him, God has given the Liberian people a true leader that has a kind heart for humanity in society.

He furthered that his duty requires him to travel for international partnership conferences that can develop our country, Liberia.

He noted, that, “if President Weah has not gone to attend that international conference other people will say that he is not working on behalf of the Liberian people”.

“We have gathered into this house to thank God Almighty for a safe return home for our President, he noted”.

He mentioned that Liberians from all parts of Liberia have gathered in their numbers to say welcome back home to our dynamic President George M. Weah.

According to him, a lot of people have forgotten to appreciate God for what he has done in their lives.

He noted, that “President Weah has remembered to appreciate God for his safe return back home”.

Winker furthered that thanksgiving is better than criticism in Liberia and that Liberians should stop criticizing President Weah.

He mentioned that Liberians should put away criticism and join hands in working along with President Weah so that Liberia can move forward.

He pointed out that the “Lord has done a great thing for Liberians in bringing back their leader God has given them”.

According to him, challenges are not new to every human, as long as you are human challenges will continue to occur in your life.

He noted, that” Liberian’s people should change their ways about the country so that God can bless our country”.

He furthered that if Liberians need God blessing they should turn away from criticism and learn to appreciate God and respect their leaders.

According to him, President Weah’s love for the Liberian people is uncontrollable to any political leader.

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