-As Payroll And Pension Reform Implementation Will Brings Hope To Civil Servants.

By: Mark B. Dumbar, Jr.

MONROVIA-The Director-General for Civil Servant Agency, Mr. James Thompson has proclaimed that government employees’ payroll coupled with pension implementation has brought new hope for employees at every institution. 

Thompson made the statement following a special press conference at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism on December 14, 2022, that during the time of employees’ payment every month they will receive a pay slip to show that they are from that entity.

According to him, during the time of every payment process government employees will know the amount being deducted from their salary.

“When we paid your salary we will access your pay slip, he noted”.

He noted, that “for a long time in Liberia, government’s employees did get pay-slip”.

He furthered that under the new law of  Liberia, the civil servant’s agency is required to make sure that when a person is retired from any government entity that person should be given a pension.

According to him, before a person is employed in any government entity, that person’s information should be collected and kept in that entity‘s database to avoid future embarrassment.   

He noted, that “When a government employee has retired from that entity, his information can be sent to NASSCORP for his pension”.

 He mentioned that sometimes when people are retired from government institutions, there can be no record of that person’s personal information during the time of employment.

He furthered that the Civil Servant Agency is working hard to ensure that when a person is being retired from government entities their documents will be sent to the pension list.

He noted, that “as soon as a person is retired from a government’s entity the name will be listed on the government’s pension payroll list”.

According to him, the process of salary harmonization in every government institution was to establish that each individual on the government’s payroll knows his or her pay.

He mentioned that people in same positions earning different salaries was one major factor that the salary harmonization in government institutions was established.

Despite the challenges government employees have faced with a problem in getting their salary at various entities over the past years, the Ministry of Finance, Civil Serve Agency and NASSARCORP have established a hand-shake (cold water) along with the operation in order to secure all employees data.  

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