SWAL Ends 36th Anniversary Celebrations

MONROVIA-In an effort to further promote and improve sports across Liberia, the President of Stages Football Club, Chris Geeply Weah has stressed the need to have an exclusive Ministry of Sports in Liberia.

The call, he stated will help ensure a full concentration of exclusive sports programs and activities across Liberia.

Sports, he stressed, should not be an option or a secondary angle but a priority that will help improve the sector.

According to him, Liberia has lots of talents but the lack of support to them continues to be a serious challenge that needs to be addressed.

“Sports needs to be prioritized and supported to the core”, Weah emphasized.

Sports, he indicates, has the potential to help develop the country and as such, needs to be given attention and support to the letter, he noted.

Also speaking at the Program was Deputy Youth and Sports Minister G. Andy Quamie who frowned at the poor attendance of the program, especially by sports reporters.

He encourages sports reporters to do more and support their own.

Minister Quamie, who acknowledges the role played by sports reporters towards the improvement of the sector was also quick to urge current sports journalists to think big and go for the bigger picture, making reference to former sports reporters who have made and continued to make a mark at the bigger stage across the country and globe at large.

As for the President of SWAL, Kolubah Zayzay, he congratulated his members for celebrating 36th year of existence as an auxiliary of the Press Union of Liberia.

He said, he was not discouraged about the decimal turned out by his members because, it is a relatively new idea of celebrating SWAL’s anniversary.

However, he urged members of SWAL to support their own initiative for the betterment of the sector.

The celebrations ended with the re-launched of the Herbert Grigsby forum.

The forum held monthly by SWAL looks at activities and issues in the sector, discusses it and finds a solution for the common good of the sector.

However, it has been inactive for several reasons.

But Speaking at the re-launch of the forum was the President of the Liberia Kickball Federation Surprise Wea who recounted the strides made by the Federation in order to take the game to another level.

Mr. Wea commended the government for its support to the traditional sport in Liberia but noted that more still needs to be done to help improve the game in Liberia.

He named the construction of a mini stadium, capacity building as well as increase and regular budgetary support as recommendations if worked on will well improve the game across the Country.

The federation, he pointed out has decentralized the sports and has also introduced a program code named: Life After Kickball as several of his players are now benefiting from the skills training program.

The sports he brags, has improved unlike before, making reference to the change in the rules of the game as well as the introduction of kickball into the National County Sports Meet over the years.

“Once we have the support, we can take the game to the region and gradually make it a professional one”, he added.

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