Naymote Donates L$150K Toward Youth Engagement

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-In fulfillment of Naymote-Liberia’s commitment to the national youth manifesto, the institution has donated an initial contribution of L$150,000.00 to the national steering committee on the national youth manifesto towards the 2023 general elections to rollout nationwide public engagements and advocacy on the manifesto so as to ensure that citizens and political actors are aware of the issues the young people care about. 

In Liberia, youth development issues remain at the bottom of the policy ladder and unattended for the most part.

The lack of investment and bold policies for youth development has increased unemployment among Liberian youth, and this is further worsened by the lack of training and educational opportunities.

“The consequences have been a high rate of youth delinquency and vulnerability. As a result of unemployment and lack of opportunities, the young people in Liberia which should be a demographic dividend for national development are now feared to constitute a demographic bomb if appropriate policy responses are not adopted,” Naymote ED Eddie Jarwolo said.

It has been observed that, rather than mobilizing and igniting the productive energy of the youth, political leaders instead are now using them as instruments of violence (or militants) against their opponents.

It’s against this background that Naymote Partners for Democratic Development is investing in the youth sector and empowering them to create awareness of the Youth Manifesto towards the 2023 elections. Liberia’s Youth Manifesto was developed in October 2022 through a well-decentralized and inclusive process bringing over 400 young leaders in politics, civil society, youth, and student leaders from across the 15 counties.

Donation the amount over the weekend, Jarwolo says Naymote is convinced that young people in Liberia want their issues within the manifesto to be a national priority and should be implemented through public policies and addressed through national development priorities.

Jethro thanks Naymote for the first forward and for always coming to the call of the young people

The money he said, will be used for its intended purpose, as the matter of fact, they will be engaged on the different thematic areas spelled out in the manifesto.

Jethro further noted they are going to be engaging politicians and political parties in the coming weeks to ensure they include and signed on to these things that are dear to the young people of the country.

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