Liberia New: OVER 2,000 LIBERIANS WIN 2025 DV

Monrovia-My-06-2024-TNR:It is reported that 2,208 persons from Liberia have been declared winners of the 2025 Diversity Visa (DV).

The report is being described as a tremendous achievement and that the winners have been commended for their success.

Winning the DV is a life-changing opportunity something that has thrilled many Liberians to see so many of their fellow compatriots being recognized for their hard work and dedication.

“To all the winners, we want to say that the sky is the limit. This is just the beginning of a new chapter in your lives and we know that you will continue to achieve great things. We are proud of you and wish you all the best on this exciting journey ahead,” Alicia Brown, a Liberian lady residing in the United States said.

She added, “Once again, congratulations to all the winners of the 2025 DV in Liberia. We look forward to hearing about your future successes and accomplishments

  1. James Gomah says

    How can I check my DV result?

  2. Daniel D. Kollie Jr. says

    I pray that I be among the number ✍️✍️✈️✈️✈️

  3. Anonymous says

    Congratulations to all lucky winners

  4. Pewee Monibah says

    Congratulations to all lucky winners

  5. Julius S Darkinah says

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