Liberia Needs Deliverance, Reconciliation

…Says Renowned Prophet

Prophet Amos Walter Zor

A renowned Liberian prophet, whose many past prophesies have seemingly become realities, has stressed the urgent need for total deliverance and national reconciliation for healing.

Speaking in an interview with the media at the weekend, the Founder and General Overseer of the Prayer Garden International Ministries, Prophet Amos Walter Zor, said the country needs total deliverance as a means of cleansing itself from the wicked past.

Prophet Amos Walter Zor pointed out that the manner in which several past leaders including Presidents William R. Tolbert and Samuel Kanyan Doe were publicly killed and disgraced has brought serious curse to the nation, and as such, there is an urgent need for deliverance.

“The Lord tells me that the country has been cursed. We need to deliver the country or else or people will continue to suffer. He reveals to me that if this is not done, we will continue to suffer,” he noted.

“The reason why we are being cursed is the way in which we killed our past leaders; for it is written that God said: touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. Tolbert was an ordained Minister of the gospel besides being a President. He was the President of the World Baptist Alliance. He was murdered in cold blood and stripped naked and placed at the JFK for public viewing. This was a big disgrace to our country. It was a curse to us as a nation, as it is stated in the Bible: cursed be a man who sees his father’s nakedness; hence, Tolbert was the father of the land for the fact that he was our President,” the prophet explained.

“Again, the killing of the 13 men on the poles without proper justification and the manner in which former President Samuel Doe was killed and disgraced brings more curses to our land. Their blood is upon our country so we need deliverance,” stated Prophet Zor.

In a bid to jumpstart the process of deliverance, Prophet Zor and team have begun a nationwide consultation, beginning with Lofa and Grand Bassa Counties.

According to him, while in Lofa, the team met with elders, priests and other prominent stakeholders of the county, where they established a prophetic camp.

He stated that the failure to carry out this deliverance process and reconcile the country will make Liberians to be like strangers in their own country or become beggars in foreign lands.

Upon completion of the nationwide tour, which is currently on hold due to the coronavirus disease, Prophet Zor said a council, which has already been set up, will proceed to Bentol, Bensonville, to meet with the family of former President Tolbert to arrange a befitting memorial for the late Liberian leader.

He also disclosed that the late President Doe’s family has been contacted and will also be reached.

“If we don’t honor those who have died, we will be like strangers in our country or beggars in foreign lands. We must go back to the families of those 13 persons who were killed on the poles in 1980, as well as the families of those who were slaughtered at the Lutheran Compound so that we can have a real nationwide healing and reconciliation after the deliverance process,” he stated.

Prophet Zor indicated that the reconciliation will come immediately after the deliverance process.

“After we shall have delivered the country, we will then come to reconciliation aspect, which is key to this country. We will do Nimba and Grand Gedeh together, because there are issues that need to be settled between the two counties. We will go to Nimba and Grand Gedeh and bring the Doe and Prince Johnson’s families together to discuss. Even the Nimba raid that was done is something that must be discussed so that people can forgo those old wounds,” added the Liberian clergyman.

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