Liberia Media Development Program Ends In Liberia

MONROVIA–The Liberia Media Development (LMD) program has come to a close after more than five years of implementation.  AS  and as a tradition, LMD is expected to  hold an official closeout ceremony on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

The event will take place at Tropicana Resort on the Roberts field highway beginning at 10:30am.

The LMD program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and has been implemented by Internews across Liberia since 2016; enabling, equipping and empowering local media to access tools and knowledge that will increase their sustainability, incorporate a plurality of voices in their media products, and improve their professional skills and standards.

At this point, Internews believes it has achieved the goals of the LMD – enhancing democracy building through improved access to information and forums for dialogue between citizens, community leaders and government. This has included supporting local media and citizens to advocate for, and achieve, a strengthened legal enabling environment for the  media.

The LMD has advanced its goal of increasing Liberians access to independent, reliable information, enabling Liberians to engage in well-informed public discussion of important issues of the day to benefit the democratic development of the nation; and no doubt has contributed to creating well-informed citizens who are better able to make decisions and take effective action on issues that affect their daily lives.

On March 16, Internews staff and local partners, the US Mission in Liberia and other institutions as well as high-level stakeholders will gather not only to review the success, impact and challenges of the LMD program, but also to begin conversations on the future of media development in Liberia.

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