Liberia Launches Bid For Executive Council Membership at IMO

MONROVIA-Authority, Lenn Eugene Nagbe has taken a giant step to make the Country’s case at the International Maritime Organization.

Commissioner Nagbe has officially launched a bid for the institution to become a member of the Executive Council of the International Maritime Organization, (IMO).

Making the disclosure Thursday, May 4, 2023, he termed the launch of the bid as very successful.

The Executive Council of Maritime is comprised of forty members that were elected by the Assembly for a period of two years.

Some members of the Council include Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Britain, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, The United Arab Emirates, and Ireland among others.

The Council is clothed with the authority to supervise the works of the IMO.

It performs all the functions of the Assembly, except to make recommendations to Governments on maritime safety and pollution prevention.

It can be recalled that in 2017, Liberia was re-elected to the council, a committee Liberia has been part of since 2012.

The West African Nation is one of the most proactive and responsible maritime nations in the world and has also been a committed committee member over the period.

Speaking on other national issues back home, Mr. Nagbe termed as political, claims made by some critics that the Royal Family in London, Great Britain did not extend any invitation to President George M. Weah to attend the Coronation of Prince Charles, III.

Commissioner Nagbe noted that he was never surprised by such claims, because according to him, everything that happens in the country is always politicized.

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