“Liberia Lacks Leadership Deposit “

Dr. Luther Tarpeh Tells Newly Inducted GSA Road Association Leadership

By: Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9 (@gmail.com

MONROVIA-The President of the Best Brain International University, Dr. Luther Tarpeh has proclaimed that Liberia is engulfed with a lack of leadership deposit.

The Motivational speaker said most of the Liberian Leaders are not transparent in leading the people who elected them into power.

Speaking Saturday, April 16, 2022 during the induction of elected and certificated officers of the G.S.A. Road Community Association in Paynesville, Dr. Tarpeh said, it  is vital  for both national and community leaders to be transparent and accountable in providing leadership for  their people.

According to him, it is time that Liberians who are in leadership positions at the national and community as well as religious and educational levels,   be transparent in, managing the people’s funds and other resources.

The Liberian Educator   further narrated that Liberia has educated leaders   who are bankrupt and lack integrity, something he said, is affecting the country’s progress.

Dr. Tarpeh also attributed friendship, family relationship as some of the factors that are responsible for the underdevelopment of the country by   their leaders.

He  at that time urged the newly inducted GSA Road Community Association Chairman to institute leadership by uniting   the community’s inhabitants regardless of  who voted for him  and the  rest  of the leadership team.

According to him, a nation with divisive politics, indeed, that nation cannot develop.

He challenged the leadership team to focus on those developmental programs that will allow other communities to emulate their good leadership ability.

“As you take on your office today , be assured that  the  people sitting here have  prayed for you , they will be  there  to advice you,  they will be there to run with you,  to keep up your vision for  the GSA Road Community Association”, he said.

Tarpeh additionally said with the confidence   the community residents have reposed in the newly indicated leadership   to lead the community, he is of the conviction that the leadership team will work in the best interest of their community.

He called on the community residents to seek redress through the appropriate way and not to use the media through talk shows by castigating   their leaders without facts.

The President of the Best Brain International University, Dr. Luther Tarpeh said it is only through unity that will allow progress in the area of development.

He then challenged the residents and the larger society to stop disgracing their leaders on talk shows, something that he said, is not healthy for the country progress.

Also speaking the inducted General Chairman of the GSA Road Community Association, Dave Fokonyulu expressed gratitude to the community’s residents for reposing their trust and confidence in his leadership.

He assured the community residents that his leadership will work to address the sanitation   and security situations of the community.

Those inducted were Dave Fokonyulu, General Chairman; Daniel Dahn, Co-Chairman; Saliho Vieh, Secretary General and Tenneh Giddings, Assistant Secretary General.

Others include Moses Johnson, Financial Secretary; Evelyne Dorbor, Treasure and Emmanuel Gorger, Champlain.




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