Liberia keeps surveillance on 300 Chinese that returned from 


Liberia keeps surveillance on 300 Chinese that returned from


MONROVIA Jan 31(TNR)-The Liberian government said it is keeping surveillance as well as tracing 300 Chinese and 11 Liberians that recently returned to Liberia from China, amid the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, a senator told parliament Thursday.

“We are tracing all these people. We have information from the Liberian Immigration Service. These people will be quarantined for ten to 12 days, Dr. Peter Coleman, chairman on Health in Liberia’s upper house of parliament told colleagues on Thursday.

He did not say where they will be quarantined. But a senior immigration officer  who declined to be name told  TNR late Thursday that; “we have records on them. Where they went. Remember we have their contact details and is easy to track them down.”

The source added, “those people came last month. We pull their names and decided to keep track of them.”

Senator Coleman said, it is important for Liberians to be on alert and not to be taken by surprise in anyway. “We want to be on the alert and not to be caught pants down,” he said.

According to him,  the government has  approved US$1million for tracing purpose.  This amount will be given to the ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

However, Senator from River Gee County, Conmany Wesseh, told parliament that they were concerned about  procedure in approving the amount.

There are many Chinese companies operating in the country and several Liberians travel to China on a weekly basis for business purpose, according to Foreign Ministry officials.  A number of Liberian students are studying in China.

A   Liberian diplomat in China told TNR by phone Thursday that they have asked all Liberian students studying there to be careful and not to be out.


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