‘Liberia Is In A Depress Situation’


-Says Dr. Whapoe, As President Weah Sends Condolences To Bereaved Families

By Mark N. Mengonfia mmenginfia@gmail.com

The political leader of the opposition Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT), Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe says Liberia is in a depress situation that needs prayers to return to normality.

Dr. Whapoe appearing on the United Methodist Radio recently said all religious groupings and Liberians in general should offer prayers for the country at its critical times.

The VOLT political leader indicated that the mysterious deaths of technical people are something that needs the prayer of everyone to seek God’s face to have mercy on the country and its citizens.

Picking bones with President George Weah, the VOLT political leader said when the first two LRA employees died, the statement coming from the President that “two lovers died” was not a responsible statement from a leader of a country.

According to him, the statement should even outrage the citizens of Liberia to take to the streets and demand justice from the government for the deaths of those Liberian citizens who were serving their country.

He said about this time, the government should have gone into establishing probe.

“The government is not executing it functions properly,” Dr. Whapoe indicated. He went on to say “Monrovia is one of the depressed cities in Africa.”

Additionally, Dr. Whapoe stressed that the government should do the honorable thing by not looking at where they have fallen, but rather they should focus on solving the problems the country is faced with.

Speaking additionally, he intoned that young people should stop allowing themselves from being used by them, the politicians.

In recent days, Liberians have woken to the death news of four persons in the field of audits with the most current one being the Internal Audit Agency (IAA); the deaths that many Liberians have started pointing fingers at the Liberian government accusing them of causing the deaths of those Liberians.

In an interview with Information Minister, President Weah said, “When things like that happen, people will speculate because they do not know the cause of death” President Weah said stressing that those that are investigating have the responsibility to make sure that the speculation is lay to rest by establishing the cause of death.

He said they are working with their partners to help find a pathologist that will determine the cause of death.

“We are a religious country and I do not think that any one should pay a price for anything. You know, death should come naturally. I am sad and it is a sad time for our country,” he said.

He said that waking up to the death news of his citizens is troublesome and hopes that investigations are conducted to establish the cases of the deaths of those Liberians.

The Liberian leader said he has told Justice Minister, Frank Musa Dean to communicate with the US government to help in the conduct of the investigations.

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